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1 Simmons Drive, Birmingham, B32 1SR

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1 Simmons Drive,
B32 1SR.

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Say no more
Terrible food
- Ed Simpson

How can you call this food
Oven chips curry no taste full of tomatoes not freshly cooked at all cold dry rice naan bread not fresh all tasted like fozen supermarket food didn't have a space in the whole lot would never use again
- Ed Simpson

Food was cold and overpriced
Tandoori King prawn starter - 2 prawns for the price of £3.95, now that is not value for money!! Would not use again.
- M

Forgot part of the order and then took over 3 hours and 3 phonecalls to sort it out
The delivery turned up on time but without part of it. I called immediately and was told it would be sent out straight away. This didn't happen and took 2 further phone calls and the first 2 calls they tried to get rid of me and did nothing to rectify this.
- Alaric Smith

Quinton Balti
Nice food pleasant delivery driver
- John Parsons

Never again.
The food was delivered on time but not very hot! A few times now on our order we've selected free poppadums but recieved bhajis instead. Last night we ordered 2 poppadums and selected free poppadums- recieved what looked like 2 poppadums crushed up and bhajis. We had to call Quinton Balti as we do everytime we order, it's not acceptable when you order online, you shouldn't then have to call the restaurant Aswell. The response is not acceptable either, I work in catering and if we missed something off the order, they'd have to be credited with a free lunch! I had to wait half hour for someone to come back to my house with 5 poppadums and by this timeI'd rather a dessert or drink but they don't offer you anything else. I just think Quinton Balti have gone down hill, I'm a good customer and used to order more regularly. Not so much anymore and I'm taking my business elsewhere now. I would rather pay for quality! The food not being very hot either is a risk factor and I could take this alot further.
- Lauren Laws

Beautiful once again
Another beautiful curry
- paul farren

Glad I tried it
I've lived in Birmingham most of my life and eaten more curries than you can shake a poppadom at. I've also got a bit lazy since I moved to Bearwood 6 years ago and tend to stick to 'Madras Currys' or 'Purnima' both of which have different styles and pricepoints but both consistently awesome. I've just tried Quinton Balti and it's now firmly on my roster of 'ace local curry suppliers' alongside these two favourites. Great portion size, delicious flavours and a cracking price mean I now know where to go for a really good Balti without getting lost in the Bermuda triangle or whatever it's called in the area. Well done folks :)
- Jeremy Booker

Great tasting curries from our favourite takeaway
Hot and firery vidaloo with a tasty madras and great side dishes too!
- Pauline Grace

tawa meals
beautiful meal as ever
- paul farren

excellent curry
all items were superb and delivered promptly
- paul farren

Quick,fresh and Pukka
First time we have used this service,easy,painfree ordering deffo use again.
- richard green

Lovely meal
Was abit sceptical of ordering online but food Came on time and delivery man was very friendly an nice.. We enjoyed our meals and what we ordered would of fed four it was huge would definitely recommend this takeaway
- Craig Chetwynd

Hot, fresh, tasty, chicken so tender, my balti was beautiful. I will definitely return
- darren Jakeways

great grub
was pleasantly surprised with quality of food/delivery speed and price.i had chicken balti madras and it easily compares with anything i have eaten previously.would recommend to anybody.
- rob catley

throughly enjoyable
Have tried a few curry houses around quinton and have been disappointed with the quality of the food delivered, but after googling the area and looking at past reviews for quinton balti soooo glad I did. It was my first order and as well as 10% off, they threw in a few other things to try. The starters were really tasty (puri chiken especially) and i loved the ease of order online and quick delivery (food was delivered hot and not cold like most other deliveries i have had)well done, this is my new local curry house. keep up the good work
- sarah

Very Good
Good service with nice food. I will be ordering again.
- Steven Mason

- Lauren Laws

Curry Service
Food good delivery quick and polite. Slightly expensive but very tasty.
- John Parsons

quinton balti
i didnt enjoy this cuury house maybe it was a bad day. the chicken tikka masala wasnt good tomany nuts not enough meat the naan bread was nice the chios wasnt even from the curry house they got them from a chippy before they delivered by curry so i give it a 4 out of 10
- graham mcdermott

I was not impressed and think that the food was oily, i think also the service was rubbish. They missed out the most important dish, Chicken Korma Slightly Hot.
- Junaid

Curry Delivery
Was very good.
- John Parsons

NO Meat
Hardly any Meat.
- Patrick Stevens

Exceptional Service!!
We ordered late at night and they delieved well within the time mentioned.One thing was missing and had a different more expensive dish given to us by mistake but didnt mind because of how late at night it was yet 5mins into eating we had a knock on the door, they had bought the missing item and recieved an apology too!!Food is fantastic, plenty of meat in everything we order and very flavoursome! :)
- Louise Ward

not happy
Very little lamb meat in the Madras. The selection of meats were old,out of date,binned. More fresh Meat!
- Patrick Stevens

good price for food and will be using them again
- sue durnall

not bad!
the free onion bahjies were what made us buy because no1 else does it!
- Ainsley Priddle

Great Curry
One of the best takeaway currys I have had in a while and great value for money. Serive a bit slow.
- Dhiraj Tripathi

the food is good
- haiying boulcott

good curry for winter
good price for food
- haiying boulcott

100% perfect
- Patrick Stevens

great food

- Patrick Stevens

ok but madras was oily

- Patrick Stevens

Great Food
Graet curries, reasonably priced. Great!!
- Linda Malin

surperb meal perfect

- Patrick Stevens

great food
Great food and prices, great service, would highly recomend.
- Darren Farmer

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