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Easy to navigate, Kukd.com allows you to search for local take-aways and restaurants, place orders and reservations online, choose from collection and delivery options - and all while earning reward points.

Out and about? The Kukd App has also been designed to complement the online experience to offer easy ordering and booking services while on the go. Click here to download the app today!

What's more in our exclusive Kukd Points reward programme allows you to collect points every time you order a takeaway or book a table online with us at kukd.com or via the Kukd App.

Kukd Partners

Interested in becoming a Kukd corporate partner and want to start reaping the benefits for your takeaway or restaurant?

We're helping our partners take back control, regain independence, and make their businesses more profitable with a range of packages, solutions and services for all types of restaurants and takeaway outlets.

From fully integrated e-commerce technology solutions, website and app design to business consulting, marketing, advertising and design services - we've got it covered!