Earn KUKD Points

How does it work?


For every £1 spent with a participating restaurant, You will receive 1 KukdPoints. KukdPoints are redeemable against future Orders made with a participating restaurant and for purchases made online only. Any and all KukdPoints which are not redeemed within 12 months of them having been earned shall automatically expire and be removed from Your account.


KUKD Points to redeem at your favourite takeaways or restaurants when ordering or booking through the KUKD website or app


How many KUKD Points do you need? There's no minimum - but the more you collect, the more you can save against future orders or reservations! For example, an order of £20 will earn 20 KUKD Points. These have a monetary value of 20 pence, which you can immediately redeem against your next order or booking at the same takeaway or restaurant.

Frequently asked questions

How much are KUKD Points worth?

1 KUKD Point has a monetary value of £0.01.

How many KUKD Points will I receive for my order?

1 KUKD Point will be awarded for every full £1.00 spent on KUKD.com. Once you become a registered member, every order you place, or table reservation you make you will gain KUKD Points. All members can view their points total by logging on and going into "My Account" at any time.

How do I redeem KUKD Points?

KUKD Points can be redeemed in part or full on the promotions section of the checkout page. To redeem KUKD Points you just need to enter the amount of KUKD Points you want to enter in the KUKD Points box from the available amount of points you currently have. After you have entered the amount click apply, and see an automatic reduction in your basket instantaneously! Review your order and then you are good to go!

1 KUKD Point has a monetary value of £0.01