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Hey Birmingham takeaway lover! Hunger reared its ugly head again eh? Well not to worry, we have a ton of experience in solving foodie problems such as these and have just the antidote you require - delicious takeaway food! Thankfully, Birmingham is packed to the brim with some of the best takeaways in the UK, most of which you can get food from online from right here at Kukd.com! So, whether you’re up for a fiery Madras or a comforting bag of salted fish and chips, get your order on online now!

Birmingham – the birthplace of the Balti and home to the Curry Mile and Balti Triangle – could very well hold the crown of curry capital of the UK. Just because you’re in the curry capital, doesn’t mean you always have to opt for curry when takeaway time comes however. For every great Indian restaurant, Birmingham has an equal amount of Chinese, Caribbean, pizza places and more, dishing up comfort food classics that’ll smash those hunger pangs into hunger heaven.

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Start your journey towards tasty takeaway food now by typing your postcode into the search bar provided and clicking the search button. Once you’re greeted with the list of takeaway restaurants on offer near you, browse menus, read customer reviews, search for offers and complete your order in several easy steps. You can even pay via PayPal and earn loyalty points to put towards your next takeaway order! How’s that for ideal?

Did you also know that each takeaway order you make helps to feed a hungry child in Bangladesh? Every time you eat, a child eats with you thanks to the Kukd.com feed a child programme. Child malnutrition is sadly a very real problem for Bangladesh, so we’ve partnered up with a factory in Bangladesh to help serve fresh and nutritious food to the children. There’s no extra cost to you or the restaurant – it’s just a little gift from us to them, that simple!

Takeaways & Restaurants in Birmingham

586 College Road, Birmingham, B44 0HU
211 Lakey Lane, West Midlands, B28 8QT
1544 Pershore Road, West Midlands, B30 2NW
1010 Chester Road, Birmingham, B24 0LL
156 Soho Road, West Midlands, B21 9LN
23 Watford Road, Birmingham, B30 1JB
2 Damson Lane, West Midlands, B91 2RD
9 The Radleys, West Midlands, B33 0QY
2-4 Bates Hill, West Midlands, B97 4AN
71 Alcester Road, Warwickshire, B80 7NJ
17-21 Unicorn Hill, Worcestershire, B97 4QR
245 School Road, West Midlands, B14 4ER
245 School Road, West Midlands, B14 4ER
179 Weoley Castle Road, West Midlands, B29 5QH
85 Long Lane, West Midlands, B62 9DJ
1213 Stratford Road, West Midlands, B28 9AD
The Guildhall, Lichfield Road, West Midlands, B74 2NJ
27-29 York Road, Birmingham, B14 7SA
Ashby Road, Staffordshire, B79 0PB
13-15 York Road, Birmingham, B14 7SA
223 Heathway, West Midlands, B34 6QU
432 Chester Road North, Birmingham, B73 6RG
5151A Gorsey Lane, Birmingham, B46 1JU
84 New Street, Staffordshire, B78 1TQ
35 Kings Road, West Midlands, B73 5AB
796 Alcester Road South, West Midlands, B14 5EZ
784 Alcester Road South, West Midlands, B14 5EZ
106-108 Lozells Road, West Midlands, B19 2TB
148-150 Stoney Lane, West Midlands, B12 8AJ
836 Yardley Wood Road, West Midlands, B13 0JE
423 Bearwood Road, West Midlands, B66 4DF
19 Browns Lane, Staffordshire, B78 1TR
27 Chad Square, Birmingham, B15 3TQ
40-42 Saint Marys Row, West Midlands, B13 8JG
38 Warstone Lane, West Midlands, B18 6JQ
102 Soho Road, West Midlands, B21 9DP
Unit 15, Westcross Shopping Centre, West Midlands, B66 1JQ
213 Monument Road, West Midlands, B16 8UU
444 Portland Road, West Midlands, B17 8LT
505 Hagley Road, West Midlands, B66 4AX
280 high Street, West Midlands, B70 8AQ
95 High Street, West Midlands, B70 6NZ
287 Rookery Road, West Midlands, B21 9PT
4A Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, B8 1JB
32 Dettonford Road, West Midlands, B32 4HF
163-165 Ladypool Road, Birmingham, B12 8LQ
208 Kingstanding Road, West Midlands, B44 8JP
Bristol Road South, West Midlands, B31 2SL
180 Halesowen Road, West Midlands, B64 6HU
10 High Street, West Midlands, B23 6RH
12, West Bromwich, B70 9LW
180, Cradley Heath, B64 6HU
17 Stoney Lane, Birmingham, B12 8DL
886 Washwood Heath Road, West Midlands, B8 2NB
2 Ninevah Road, Birmingham, B21 0TU
510 Birch Field Road, Birmingham, B20 3JE
5 Tower Road, West Midlands, B69 1ND
16 Unicorn Hill, Worcestershire, B97 4QU
Millsborough House, Birmingham, B98 7AL
Millsborough House, Birmingham, B98 7AL
272 Baldwins Lane, West Midlands, B28 0XB
41 York Road, Birmingham, B14 7SA
136 Bromford Drive, West Midlands, B36 8TY
378 Dudly Road, West Midlands, B18 4HH
31 Upper High Street, West Midlands, B64 5HY
181 Birchfield Road, West Midlands, B19 1LL
69 Reddal Hill, West Midlands, B64 5JT
30 Hewell Road, Enfiled, B97 6AN
15 Beoley Road West, Redditch, B98 8LR
165 Holyhead Road, Birmingham, B21 0BD
30a Hewell Road, Worcestershire, B97 6AN
68 High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ
Corporation Road, Tamworth, B79 7DX
45 Rowood Drive, Birmingham, B92 9NG
127 High street, West Bromwich, B70 6NY
166 Vicarage Road, Oldbury, B68 8JA
269 Bearwood Road, Bearwood, B66 4NA
586 College Road, West Midlands, B44 0HL
157 Sandy Way, Tamworth, B77 4ED
36 Gorse Farm Road, West Midlands, B43 5LT
219 Sandwell Road, West Midlands, B21 8PD
12 Unity Place, West Midlands, B69 4DB
578 Bristol Road, West Midlands, B29 6BE
162 - 164 Walsall Road, West Midlands, B71 3HP
278 Wellington Road, West Midlands, B20 2QL
2 High Street, West Midlands, B65 0DT
Abbey Road, West Midlands, B67 5RA
287 Bearwood Road, West Midlands, B66 4DR
70 Unicorn Hill, Worcestershire, B97 4RA
1289 Stratford Road, Birmingham, B28 9AJ
109 New Road, Birmingham, B45 9JR
109 New Road, Birmingham, B45 9JR
509 Hagley Road, West Midlands, B66 4AX
157 York Road, Birmingham, B28 8LF
244 Dudley Road, Birmingham, B18 4HN
41 George Street, Birmingham, B3 1QA
125-126, Smethwick, B66 4AP
130 Hawthorn Road, Birmingham, B44 8PX
62 Victoria Road, West Midlands, B6 5HA
236 Queens Road, West Midlands, B67 6PF
357 high street, west brom, B70 9QG
77 Thornbridge Avenue, West Midlands, B42 2PW
9 Browns Lane, Staffordshire, B78 1TR
71 Bottetourt Road, Birmingham, B29 5TF
58 High Street, Blackheath, Blackheath, B65 0EH
608 Bristol Road, West Midlands, B29 6BQ