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The Brits are known the world over for their love of salt and vinegar smothered Chips, accompanied by a hearty portion of deep fried battered Fish. There's so much more to British cuisine than just fish and chips however. Full of timeless and tasty ingredients, British takeaway is comfort food at its best. Whether it’s the noble pie, a belly-busting English Breakfast or a traditional homemade Stew and Dumplings, British food isn’t something to turn your nose up to.

If it’s British takeaway food that you’re after, check out our list of British takeaways below. We’ve built a comprehensive list of some of the greatest British takeaway eateries in the land and we’re confident that you’ll agree. Make your British takeaway food order online with Kukd.com today. You can make your order for collection or delivery and pay via cash or card.

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