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Quickly and easily order takeaway kebab

If your bellies rumbling and you’re feeling the gnaw of those dreaded hunger pangs, then that can be a lonely place to be. But things don’t always have to be this way. Not when you can order yourself mixed meat kebabs, chicken shawarmas and ½ lb burgers at Kukd.com.

We work with a selection of great kebab houses across the UK, so that anytime you fancy a kebab, burger, pizza or more; you can order it online speedily without any of the added faff of phoning the restaurant directly.

How to order your takeaway kebab

Whether you’re a garlic sauce kind of guy or like to heat things up with a bit of chilli sauce – or both, here are the ways you can get your hands on a kebab here at Kukd.com:

  • Type your postcode or your area into the search bar above to find a selection of kebab shops and takeaways in your vicinity;
  • Read customer reviews, sort and filter your search to find yourself the perfect takeaway;
  • Select your restaurant, build your order and choose from collection or delivery;
  • Head on over to the checkout and complete your order via cash, card or PayPal.

Over 6 million lamb doner and chicken shish kebabs are consumed every week in the UK, which if we’re not mistaken, makes it one of the nation’s favourite takeaway foods - and rightfully so.

Need to know more?

Every time you order here at Kukd.com, we like to give you little things in return to show our appreciation. For instance, with every takeaway order, we feed a hungry child in Bangladesh. This is of no extra cost to you order the restaurant, just a little token of our appreciation.

You’ll also earn yourself Kukd loyalty points for money off your next takeaway order. For every £1 you spend at Kukd.com, you’ll earn yourself 1 Kukd point. You can also collect loyalty points every time you book a table online with us or leave a review.

You can discover more information about our loyalty points and feed a child campaign here.

Did you know...?

  • The doner kebab gained notoriety in Germany thanks to the innovation of Turkish immigrants.
  • Ottoman chef’s realised fat dripping from horizontally roasted meat caused flames to rise up and burn the meat. Keeping the spit vertical not only stops the meat from burning but also bastes it in fat to keep it succulent.
  • The word kebab literally translates as “roasted meat” in Turkish.

Kebab Takeaway Restaurants

34 York Road, Essex, SS1 2BD
215 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FT
106 Chepstow Road, Gwent, NP19 8EE
78 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF11 9DW
105 Clifton Street, Cardiff, CF24 1LU
1 Middle Borough, Essex, CO1 1QS
123 Commercial Street, Gwent, NP11 6AZ
245 School Road, West Midlands, B14 4ER
159 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3BQ
2 Rochford Road, Essex, SS2 6SP
195 Hollyhedge Road, Greater Manchester, M22 8UE
153 Far Gosford Street, West Midlands, CV1 5DU
24 Bread Street, West Midlands, WS1 1PN
101 Glebe Street, Cardiff, CF64 1ED
905 Hornsey Road, London, N19 4DX
9 Southwich Square, East Sussex, BN42 4FP
190 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JF
579 Battersea Park Road, London south West, SW11 3BH
509 Hornsey Road, London North (N), N19 3QL
79 North Hill, Devon, PL4 8HB
140 Marlowes,, Hertfordshire, HP1 1EZ
5, Caerphilly, NP12 1HN
8 Slacksbury Hatch, Essex, CM19 4ET