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If you’re in need of the aromatic comfort of a Chicken Tagine or the tenderness of a Chicken Shawarma, packed with thin slices of deliciously marinated meat, Kukd.com has the Lebanese restaurant ideal for you.

Lebanese food is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK. Known for its vivid colours and vast selection of mezze and appetisers, Lebanese takeaway generally consists of an exciting blend of herbs, spices and fresh ingredients. It’s a cuisine ideal for social situations as it epitomises the social and sharing of Lebanese culture. If you’re a lover of Lebanese cuisine or are keen to try it – explore our list of Lebanese takeaways throughout the UK.

Sound good? Then don’t hang around, make your online Lebanese takeaway order with Kukd.com today. Many may opt for the aromatic comfort of a Chicken Tagine, whilst others may go for Chicken Shawarma, packed with thin slices of deliciously marinated meat.

Whether you’re in Newcastle, Cardiff, Sheffield or London, Kukd.com has some of the UKs best Lebanese takeaway restaurants for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking for Lebanese takeaway for collection or delivery, make your order online today in a few clicks of a button at Kukd.com. It couldn’t be easier!

Find Lebanese Takeaways Near You

Lebanese Takeaway Restaurants

The Bake Express
248 Chillingham Road,, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5LQ
1480 London Rd, South West London SW16 4BT
Shawarma Grill
72 high Road, East London E15 2BP
Shawarma Brick Lane
84, East London E1 6RL
Lilo Grill House
72-74 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3DD
Falafel Wales
122 Cowbridge Road, Cardiff CF11 9DX
Palmera Oasis
332 Essex Road, North London N1 3PB
Captain Café
215 Halesowen Road, Birmingham B64 6HE
Cedars Lebanese Food
169 Mary Street, Birmingham B12 9RN
Shawarma Al Bake
99 High Street W, Newcastle upon Tyne NE28 8JD
48 Rosebury Avenue, East Central London EC1R 4RP
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