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Taking influences from the likes of Asia, Africa and Europe, Mediterranean cuisine is largely believed to be one of the most varied in the world. Mediterranean food embodies everything people associate with the region and the abundance of heart friendly ingredients like pasta, vegetables, grains and oily fishes means Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest known to man. Forget the notion that healthy has to mean bland and boring. These dishes are all about flavour and most Mediterranean takeaways in the country provide a varied menu of dishes containing high quality ingredients, spices, grilled meats and delicious sauces.

If you like the sound of Mediterranean takeaway and fancy carry-out without the guilt of a heavy set meal, ditch the traditional takeaways and select from our list of healthy Mediterranean takeaways and restaurants in your area. Why not try a delicious meal of chargrilled Lamb Kofta’s marinated in a powerful garlic sauce? Failing that you could always treat yourself and choose from a varied range of delightful Greek salads packed full of great ingredients like spinach, mint, parsley, olives, feta and lemon. You don’t even have to go full-on health! Mediterranean takeaways offer a great selection of traditional takeaway favourites like delicious cheesy pizza’s smothered in tomato sauce, Shish Kebabs with a healthy dollop of garlic sauce and a selection of Beef and Chicken Burgers.

What You Can Expect

The Mediterranean Sea covers a whopping 2.5 kilometres and stretches from the shores of Spain and North Africa to those of Greece and Cyprus. Due to the multitude of cultures spanning the Mediterranean, dishes have adopted various ingredients, techniques and flavours over thousands of years, giving birth to the cuisine we know it as today.

The wide stretch of sea spanning across the Mediterranean means most dishes contain fish and other sorts of seafood like tuna, hake, swordfish, prawns, mussels and lobster. It isn’t all seafood though, the Greek’s in particular are known for their grilled meats like chicken, beef and lamb.

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If you fancy Mediterranean takeaway today, then you’ll be pleased to know that making your online food order with Kukd is as easy as pie. Search for takeaways by distance from your location, menu, customer reviews and collection or delivery.

To make your order simply select your Mediterranean eatery of choice, create your order and proceed to the checkout. Kukd offers some of the finest Mediterranean takeaways in the country, so whether you fancy takeaway via collection or delivery and want to pay via card, cash or PayPal, Kukd makes the online ordering process easier.

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9 Botanic Avenue, Belfast BT7 1JG
Tunsia's Planet
31 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8HS
Brassett Churrascaria
28 Homesdale Road, Bromley BR2 9LD
42 City Road, Cardiff CF24 3DL
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