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East London is a thriving part of the city, known for its vast selection of delicious restaurants and eateries. Does it come as any surprise then that they’re also home to some of the finest Peri Peri takeaways in London? Kukd.com has put together a selection of Peri Peri takeaways in East London to help take away food order a whole lot easier.

So if you’re in Waltham Forest and have a need for Peri Peri Chicken, Burgers, Wraps or Kebabs, Kukd.com has you covered. Just fill in the search bar with your postcode or location and make your order, it couldn’t be easier!

Peri Peri Takeaways & Restaurants in East London

890 Romford Road, London East, E12 5JP
31 Vicarage Lane, London East, E15 4HG
280 Barking Road, London, E13 8HR