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The easy way to order takeaway pizza

Feeling hungry? Sounds like you’ve got a case of hunger pang-itis and you’re in need of 20cc of cheese, sauce and bread stat! After all, there’s only one true cure for a condition of this nature – delicious oozy, cheesy pizza.

Whether you’re a lover of cheese, meats or veggies, what could make you feel more complete than a crisp pizza base topped with delicious marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and a mound of toppings?

Around half of us Brits are believed to enjoy a slice of the good stuff at least once every 10 days. So if like us, you’re one of the half, then put down the telephone and create your pizza order online in mere moments from some of the best pizza delivery places in the country.

How to order your takeaway pizza

Whether you’re chilling with friends, curling up on the sofa with a loved one or having a night to yourself, pizza is a sure fire way to top off your day.

Take the first steps towards your hunger pang relief and type your postcode into the search bar to find pizza places near you. There you can filter your search by the following to find the perfect pizza place:

  • Sort by customer reviews, distance from your location and opening times
  • Filter via delivery availability
  • Find other cuisines available in your area

We work with some of the best pizza places across the country, serving up a great selection of pizzas for collection or delivery. All you need to do is follow the steps to create your pizza order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Need to know more?

We here at Kukd.com have partnered up with factories in Bangladesh to provide fresh, nutritious food to some of the country’s most poverty stricken children. Our pledge is to provide a free meal and a bottle of water to a child in Bangladesh, every time an order is made here at Kukd.com. This is of no extra cost to you or the restaurant.

Our service isn’t just about food; it’s about giving back to the takeaway industry and giving back to our customers. That’s why every time you book a table or order a takeaway here at Kukd.com, we’ll provide you with loyalty points to receive money off your next takeaway order.

You can discover more information about our loyalty points and feed a child campaign here.

Did you know...?

  • Contrary to popular belief, it was the ancient Greek’s that first created what we now know as pizza. Furthermore, Hawaiian pizza is actually a Canadian creation! I just don’t know what to believe anymore.
  • Who ever said good things come in small packages? The world’s largest pizza measured an enormous 130 feet wide, contained 19,800lbs of mozzarella, 8,800 lbs of tomato sauce and weighed in at 3.6 stone. That’s a lot of pizza!
  • Move over pepperoni, the nation’s favourite pizza topping is none other than the humble Mushroom. Who’d have guessed?