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124 Turves Road,
SK8 6AW.

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Poor service all round
Ordered food online at approx 7.50 with estimated delivery of 8.50 - 9.05. Rang at 9.10 after non arrival was told a minute away. Rang again at 9.20; was chasing the driver. Rang a third time at 9.30pm was told they are busy but on way? Was in the process of cancelling when driver arrived clearly under pressure as only him delivering when should be 2. Food barely warm, not sure it was worth the wait. If ordering do so well in advance.
- Kimberley Wray

I mistakenly gave 5 starting my previous review
- Keith Ireland

Sunday takeaway
Had food from here previously and really good so thought let’s do it again. Ordeeed on line to be delivered between 8.30 - 8.45 whilst we go and have a couple of drinks in the pub with friends. Received a phone call at 7.45 from the driver, ‘where are you’ he says we here at your house with the food. I explained and they took it back. We arrived back home at 8.25, having to chase up delivery at 8.50 to be told it’s on its way. Arrived at 8.55 with a bottle of full fat coke as a sorry?. Most of the food was good except for the chicken biryanni which was not fresh and obviously had been reheated, chicken was very tough and dry. Probably revert back to our usual takeaway in future.
- Derek Watmough

hour late and tepid
Having ordered food , receiving a delivery time. Over an hour late for delivery . Called to be told food had left a minute before to expect within ten to fifteen minutes. As promised food arrived within fifteen minutes but was only tepid.
- Warren

Such great food again and again
I have been meaning to write a review for a while but not got round to it. The food here is consistently outstanding, fresh,authentic flavours and the most succulent meat. Divine. Tried something new tonight with our regular fave de-licious. Best by far . Thankyou Angon
- Anonymous

Great narns
Ordered takeaway to collect from Angon. The food was good, we were blown away by the keema narn bread would definately order again.
- John Cooke

Food review
We ordered a curry to try and induce labour.Lovely lamb vindaloo and not too hot.Everything came prompt and hot.Possible addition of onion for popadoms would have been nice.Will order again
- Anna Ginty

Great food, good price, waited too long.
Great food, good price, waited too long. We oredered at 5:30, were told the delivery would be between 6:10 and 6:23 (no problem with that). It hadn't arrived by 6:35 and when I phoned I was told it would be sent out in 10 minutes.When it did arrive, it was excellent and despite the wait, I'll use the place again.
- Philip Martin

Really lovely food and good value
Great food and great value
- John Gordon

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