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10 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon, CR0 6AA

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10 Lower Addiscombe Road,
CR0 6AA.

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The food is always great, Nice selection of vegetarian options. The delivery is always on time.
- Roland

We have been ordering every Friday for a couple of months and it's been perfect every time. The food is tasty, portions are good and always arrives on time.
- Roland

Value for money
Food has always been delightful especially the Indian breads.
- Aprajita

Good as usual
biriyani could be little more better
- Krishna priya Kilambi

Excellent taste
If you love spicy Indian food you can order from Bharat Bhavan without second thought.
- Thenramizh Irumporrai

tasty food
we liked the food- cooked to our taste
- Thenramizh Irumporrai

Nice food and service
Reached my expectations. Very satisfied with the qty and price. Delivered on time. Overall, good experience and definitely recommended.
- Bharadwaj Kasam Setty

Good Food
The chicken nawabi was different to as expected.Else everything else was ok.Could include popadums and chutneys as complimentary instead of having to pay for them.
- Tanzilaa Hilal

Good food
Prices are fine.Taste is good. Food was delivered 40 min late. We did not get free side dish as showed on the promotional offer. However I have not marked due to that as I may have ordered in a wrong manner. I will definitely give it another go to see whether it is worth persisting with this restaurant.
- Aman Sardana

Very disappointed
Our order took 1 1/2 hrs to arrive. The order was missing items and we didn't get the free side order or bottle of coke for spending over a certain amount. The food was so bland and overcooked plus the nan was burnt black! The majority went in the bin. Terrible.
- Amie Niland

Were broken into pieces and nans cold and glued together
- Mateusz Fogel

As usual good
But not sure if its mistake of Curriesonline or bharat bhavan - i ordered paneer tikka masala for a change, they sent me paneer butter masala. Daal is not as tastier as always. something missing or wrong.. not sure.
- Krishna priya Kilambi

Good food
Cant complain.. food is really delicious..
- Kailash Iyer

Bharat Bhavan Really tasty
Really good dishes .
- smita panicker

Good Food
Very tasty and good food.
- Krishna priya Kilambi

Good Food
biriyani chilli gobi are excellent. Overall food is as good as always.
- Krishna priya Kilambi

- Arun Vethadas Thomas

Superb South Indian Food
I used to frequent the Sheesh Mahal on a regular basis. The decor of the Bharat Bhavan is still the same - after a number of years - as the Sheesh Mahal. The food was all excellent from the mini Masala Dosa with all the accompaniments, through the lamb fry, Kerala chicken curry, dal with spinach and Malabar parathas. Highly recommended!
- Mark

Pure south Indian style
Really good...i have enjoyed it
- Srinivas Adari

Good stuff
Had same problem of them having no diet coke, but other than that very pleasant service and good food at good prices. Plenty of good quality meat in the meat dishes and well priced veggie sides. All around nice dinner :)
- Caroline James

highly recommended!
just one downside: we requested diet coke as a foc treat and got regular.
- Mateusz Fogel

It was late delivery first of all ,disappointed otherwise food was good. We can have another chance if delivered on time.
- Heena Mehra

To Much Salt
The food was very nice the only problem was they used to much salt, All 3 of us who ordered said they must have slipped while adding the salt, we were left very thirsty. If they lighten up on the salt the food would have been very tasty, better than most Indian restaurants, So sort out the amount of salt you use and you will receive a much better review
- Colin Murphy

authentic style food
having travelled throughout Kerala last year I experienced some really authentic South Indian Cuisine which although not exactly the same taste some of their dishes were pretty close. thoroughly enjoy their food whenever I order from them
- Mickey

super meal
had a wonderful experience with the whole process, ordering was very simple and the delivery was quick, best of all was the food, tasted really authentic
- siobhan o\'halloran

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