59 The Market, Sevvie Road, Rosehill, Sutton, SM1 3HE

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59 The Market,
Sevvie Road,
Rosehill, Sutton,
SM1 3HE.

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Great food, have used in the past and would use again. Always recommend to friends and family!
- Daniel Slate

Great pizza
We loved the pizza , especially the Nutella pizza with marshmallows.The prices are very good too and the delivery was very quick and good . Thanks
- Matt Kneifel

Pizza was great but delivery service poor
We buy often from Fireaway as we really like the pizzas, the only thing we were not happy about is that we clearly asked on our order to the person delivering NOT to ring the bell as our baby was sleeping- not only he rang the bell but when I said that my daughter was sleeping he reacted like he really didn't care - didn't say a thing, just left - very rude !
- Ellen Gourmand

Long delivery time and burnt crusts
Took over an hour for delivery on a midweek evening and crusts were burnt on some of the pizzas. Toppings were good though
- Matt Collins

Forgetful or unorganised
Every single time we order something is forgotten !
- Ashleigh Gopall

Proper Pizza, good recovery
Our order got lost but when I called 30mins after it was due to have delivered, they did call me straight back to say what had happened, sent it in 10mins and gave free drinks and dips. These things happen and their customer service was spot on once I had called them.The pizza itself is very good - proper dough cooked in a proper Pizza oven. The cheesy garlic bread was a little salty and my personal preference would be to cook the pizzas for a minute or two longer to get a crispy base but as it was, it's still better than any main chains and much better value. The only reason I didn't give 5* for value is that I tried to pick a meal deal that included 2 custom pizzas but the kukd website didn't let me pick two different ones (!?) and my wife and I didn't both want the same. The deal was outstanding value so picking separately added >10% cost. Should be a simple fix.All in all, would definitely use them again.
- Nils Eastwood

I ordered the build your own pizza, unfortunately i paid extra for this order but they did not put the ingredients i wanted in the pizza, so i am a bit disappointed, might not order again
- Marianne Sew

Poor communication
They forgot our drinks then came with them an hour later, pointless, pizza was too doughy, even with toppings not really any flavour in pizza, overall poor.
- Joe Favata

Excelent pizza
One of the best take a wsy pizzas.
- Ognjen Matic

Nice food
Flavoursome food, good value for money. Liked the choice of toppings.
- Becky Thorp

Great food
Great food and pizza was well cooked
- Carina Barry

Yet again, lovely pizzas and good service
Three boys demolished there pizza in minutes. Says it all really!!
- Gabrielle Cleeve

Lovely pizzas
We ordered online and asked for a 7.15-7.30 slot. Our food arrived 20 mins early. No big deal we only boooked that time as everyone would be home than. They phoned and appologised as one of our toppings was out of stock. The garlic bread we found very disappointing as there was hardly any garlic on it. Bland piece of bread. The pizzas where lovely. Everyone enjoyed them. My children loved the pizza puddings!! Overall really happy apart from the garlic bread.
- Gabrielle Cleeve

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