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2 New Parade, Croxley Green, WD3 3AN

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2 New Parade,
Croxley Green,
WD3 3AN.

1 Reviews
1 Reviews

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Really good...
We ordered a curry tonight, the wait was longer than expected but well worth it! Delicious, hot, tasty, spicy curry delivered to our door. What more could you ask for?! Thank you, we will definitely be back. Use it or lose it Croxley people!
- Anonymous

Terrible! Never use here again! 1 star too generous
Absolutely awful service. Ordered food through just eat to be delivered at 20.25 (according to the app). At 20.35 we receive a message saying food was delivered, this wasn’t the case at all. So now, 10 minutes late we call the shop to have a lady who poorly speaks or understands English. She takes our information and assures us ‘it’s on its way, 10 minutes’... 15 minutes later we call them again and am greeted by this same lady. She then tells us ‘it’s just been cooked and will be with you 5-10 minutes when driver back, I can send my husband now’.... 35 minutes later a guy turns up with our order (now 1 hour late and being lied to twice by staff). I asked for a managers number to which he didn’t know who his manager was and couldn’t give me a number.... then while eating my food, something hard and sharp was in the tandoori chicken tikka... This was the second time we have had a terrible service as the first time they didn’t even make our order, delivered 2 hours later and were stones in the food. TERRIBLE P
- Anonymous

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