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27a Cardiff Road,
CF15 7SS.

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Nice food
Delivered on time nice food
- Neil Roberts

Delivered well in time
Food was hot good value and tasted lovely
- Neil Roberts

Nice food
Very nice food delivered on time
- Neil Roberts

Very good service
Very good quality food at a good price
- Neil Roberts

Disappointed with the quality of the chicken, bread was stone cold and the popadom was stail
Ordering online was very easy and the service in terms of picking up was good. However due to the poor quality of the food I wouldn't return.
- Jonathan Phillips

Great tikka and nan bread!
Ordered the wrong nan and it was delicious! As good as if sitting in the restaurant.
- Paul Flynn

Prompt Delivery
Lovely food, particularly the naan breads.
- Gemma Constable

Speedy Delivery
Food delivered well within the timeframe given and tasted great. Lamb passanda particularly nice.
- Gemma Constable

Food was lovely .. but
The food was lovely , piping hot and fresh picked order up , but when we got home Naan bread was missing . So need to check order before leaving
- julia Foster

The tastiest around
Fab curry Every time.....just need a bit more of that gorgeous lamb in the korma and chicken in the madras please
- Lynfa Dawkes

Very satisfied with very tasty dishes that arrived hot and were good value for money.
- Debbie Meldrum-James

Very very bad
Waited almost 2 hours for food and when it turned its was cold and tasteless and very watery. Chicken was raw so when I complaint they just ignored me and very unhelpful. Wouldn’t go there again......
- Anonymous

Food was cold .
- Emily Ashcroft

Why have time slots?
For the second successive order it arrived half an hour before the designated time slot. I pick time slots to ensure that the meal arrives when everyone is in attendance. As I was not personally at home when it arrived it meant the food was waiting for 15 minutes until I got home. Not good enough and I shall seriously consider whether I order from Bombay Blue again!
- Keith Bezant

Nice food, but missing item!
Ordering online was fast and user-friendly. Delivery was on time and courteous. Only complaint was missing item from list.. On contacting immediately, we were told to take up matter with kukd. Have done so, and awaiting response. I would like to think that this was a one-off event, but there is a doubt remaining about future use...
- Robin Davies-Rollinson

Very late delivery
The food was fine, not as hot as i would have expected. My problem was the late delivery, if the food was going to be late i would have expected to be told at the time of order or to get an update over the phone to let us know the food was going to be late.Disappointing
- Mark Rogowski

Time slot
Nice food and polite staff, I do think the time slot given for cooking and delivery is quite long especially as it's a Wednesday.
- Annette Herbert

Great food
Very very good , best saag alo I have eaten thanks
- Geraint Evans

Deliver On Time!
I ordered my curry for the 19:00-19:15 slot as my daughter was due to visit at 19:00. At 18:15 the curry arrived . Explained to the delivery guy that I didn’t want it until 19:00. He didn’t appear too happy to take it away and asked that I ring the restaurant to explain. I did so and they were most apologetic and said the order would be cooked fresh and redelivered at 19:00. Curry arrived at 19:00 but not at all pleased with the delivery guys comment if ‘are you happy now’!
- Keith Bezant

40 minuites late
Food was 40 minuites late apparently he had trouble finding the house clearly numbered on an urbam street.
- Sally Barker

Good service and gods food
- Trefor Jones

Food nice
Forgot the nan bread ...had to phone up,but the delivery ok
- Gareth Heath

Big improvement
Not been here for a quite a while, probably over a year, as the food and service went down hill. Heard things had changed for the better so decided to give it one more try. Wasn't disappointed, lovely food delivered on time. Will see you again soon.
- Jay Lee

Ordered at 1850 at 2120 still no food
After a two hour wait I gave up and tried contacting them this proved difficult so used the online service as they were unable to pick up a telephone. Never again
- Louise Caldwell

Fab food as always and delivered on time by a friendly lady. Thank you
- Lynfa Dawkes

Lovely food
Lovely food but forgot some of my order
- Hollie Oytaben

Very tasty
Good food , not too spicy good portions
- John Roll

Bombay Blue
Fab food......outdid the delivery time by 45 minutes! much appreciated cos we were starved!! Thankyou. You are the best curryhouse around
- Lynfa Dawkes

Todd was fine, food was ordered online and then delivered so service not applicable.Placed order at 7.05pm and time for delivery state as 8.33pm which was expected. Food actually turned up at 7.30pm so was not ready but no complaint!Only issue was that the order was incomplete but on phoning the restaurant to explain they sent the remaining items straight away so food was still piping hot.Overall happy.
- Rhys Williams

Don't bother ordering for delivery
Ordered at 7.50 it's now 10.20 and order has still not arrived. This is not the first time this has happened but decided to try again. Will not be ordering again. Why offer a delivery service if you can't fulfil customer's orders !!!!
- Anonymous

tasty food
Takeaway last night. Tasty hot food. For the price though I would expect the little pot of mint sauce thrown in. Otherwise scoffed the lot was v happy with it
- Clare Cole

Food Missing
Garlic bread was missing and you advertise coke when you don't sell it so I ended up with Pepsi which I don't like!
- Amy Kemlo

Lukewarm food, slow delivery service
We ordered at 8ish and delivery time given was 9.55 to 10.05. We rang an asked if we could collect instead, they said it was fine. Went an picked the food up and the still tried charging us for delivery, after telling them numerous times they needed to take the charge off. Got home an the food was lukewarm. Won't be going back here again.
- Michelle Tamlyn

I had chicken mankind and a cheese and garlic na an.
Not good food last night not even sure if it was chicken.
- Amanda Griffiths

Couldn't ask for better.
- Julie Sian Green

Bombay blue
First time order really impressed
- Jules Brice

Great foo will use again
- Fred Bishop

Excellent all round
Tasty, hot, quick. Thanks
- Matt Smith

Never ever again
Total waste of time waiting over 3 hrs
- Jenny Searl

Waited 3 hours. Still no food
Ordered meal. At 735 pm to. Be told meal. Would take 70. To. 75 min, ..... 3 hours and 3 phone calls later still no. ,meal after being promised that it was on its way 3 times. Disgusting. Service , wont waste my time again
- Anonymous

Great Flavors, Very long wait and missing items.
As the title says really, the food was really nice, although not hot after waiting 1hrs 45mins i would have hoped all the items would be there but there were 2 missing. Had to phone the restaurant direct, and then they needed to check the order so had to ring me back. I was told that they didn't have any of the one item so they offered a replacement, credit to them the other item the got out to me in about 25 mins.
- stefanos constantinou

Cold and tough chicken
Order must of been made in advance as some of it was cold.the chicken pieces were very tough and hard to cut through.naan bread was very doughy.would not use again
- Jason Powell

Ordered at 7:30pm, Estimated Delivery 9:00pm, Arrived at 10:00pm
Terrible service. Finally arrived 2.5 hours after ordering. No answer on the restaurant's phone, after 22 missed called they finally answered and with no apology rudely said that the driver had already left (She hadn't. The driver phoned me 15 minutes after this to say that she had car trouble and had only just left). Rubbish. Don't bother.
- Mike Chamberlain

Good work
Bit delay on delivery and no onion or potato on stuffed naan
- Amanda Griffiths

Late & cold
Food was late, cold and a mint sauce was missing, the onion salad was too small. The curry tasted nice once warmed up but the colour was a bit off putting.
- Jayson Rowlands

Great food, ordering online sucks!
We have been coming to this restaurant for the last 10 years give or take, either sit down meal or takeaway. The food is always excellent but the service can be hit or miss. Anyways on this occasion we decided to order a take out. On visiting the website I was pleased to see an option for ordering our meal online, great I thought, time saving and no need to bother the staff, plus we can book it for the time we want. We chose the option to pick up as our address was not covered by the restaurants delivery service. 19 miles round journey, but the food is worth it. On attending the restaurant bang on the time slot that I opted for I was told by the staff that I was sent an email from the cook stating that our time slot had been pushed back. On looking on my phone, sure enough there was an email. I apologised that I hadn't noticed the update to which the staff replied that he would make our order priority as we were there already. Okay I thought, we can wait the extra time. Whilst looking at the takeaway menu I
- Michael Owen

It was our first time ordering from there.
Very good food we will order again.
- Amanda Griffiths

Fab curry as per.........would love more meat in the curry
- Lynfa Dawkes

As always fantastic meal
The best takeaway in Ponty area and poss in all or Cardiff. Really good service and great food.
- Richard Cariven

very tasty !!!!!!
great quality food delivered bang on time.
- gareth thomas

Very friendly service
Consistently high quality food served on time and with a genuine smile :-)
- phil thomas

Good food
Once again.....lovely
- Lynfa Dawkes

2 hour plus wait- !! poor very poor.
As first experiences good, very very poor.Food ordered at 18.22 and received at 20.35.By the time all the food was reheated it was 21.00 plus before we started to eat.We received the food stone cold and tje poppadoms were in a thousand pieces.Then to be offered £5.00 discount off mu next order. For sure I will not be using this.Then tonne offered 20% refund is an absolute joke.
- Paul Dominic Jones

All the dishes are wonderful. Fresh, tasty, perfect!
- Charlotte Lawthom

Stunning as always
An absolute gem of a restaraunt,the food is delicious everytime without fail. Also such a variety of choice. The staff are so polite. Great restaraunt.
- Mark Stephens

The best curry
This is the easiest way to get good food delivered by a lovely delivery lady from the best curry house........Thank you guys
- Lynfa Dawkes

- James Bennet

User friendly site
My first time ordering from my phone as I usually leave it to my husband,but this was hassle free and efficient.
- Sarah Llewellyn

Easy to order...arrived on time...delivered by a lovely lady...soooooooo tasty we could have been sitting in the restaurant...and the best bit, even the leftovers were fab the next morning! Definitely the best takeaway around here
- Lynfa Dawkes

Fantastic meal as always
This is the 3rd time we have ordered from Bombay blue and this time my parents from London had there first experience. My dad is a massive curry fan and commented on how good the takeaway was. It always tastes as good in the carton as it does in the restaurant and very few Indian takeaways achieve that. He was also stunned at how cheap it was for the quality of food. In his opinion it is the best takeaway he has ever had and far far better then many restaurants he has eaten in.
- Richard Cariven

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