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142 Turves Road, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 6AW

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142 Turves road,
Cheadle Hulme,
SK8 6AW.

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1 Reviews

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Excellent food, as always!
no complaints, great customer service, great food, happy customer!
- Daniel Clark

Good food good delovery

No food and delay
So after placing my order online at 6.28pm I received an email confirming my order will be delivered between 7.01-7.20pm. So after 40 minutes the shop informed the online company that there were no pizzas so I then received a phone call from a lovely lady at 7.10pm telling me that the 2 pizzas I had ordered were not available as there was no pizza,but the 4 burgers were fine so we then changed our order to 6 burgers plus drinks because I had paid via bank card,I was given the option to cancel the order. We then had to wait another 30 minutes for our order to be delivered,and had to call the shop to see where the order was as we had no contact from the shop,we literally only live around the corner and had spent £25 plus delivery for an order that was not worth It, There was a rediculous amount of sauce on 3 of the burgers it made them slide out of the buns and the sauce's were not the ones we requested. No sorry or anything whilst on the phone to the shop or when the order was handed over at the door,customer
- Hannah Mills

Worst service ever
Rang the restaurant to check food wouldn't be late like last week rang to complain when it was and he said well don't use us again which i wont...terrible customer service
- Laura Cain

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