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379 South Rd,
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I thought I would give them a second chance and they turned up an hour late and the food was barely warm. No phone call. Won’t be using or recommending them
- Robert Tyas

Best in Walkley
First time from here, came hot and exactly how I expected it to taste.
- Robert

Very good service
Will order in future
- Steven Slack

excellent food and service
will reccomend thankyou ,and will now order from you
- dave beech

The best curry in Sheffield!
Absolutely delicious every time! We highly recommend it, we wouldn't go anywhere else now!
- Naomi

Great food, great service
We always have a great meal from Cafe Masala. Food is always on time and delicious!
- Kate Ibbeson

Fantastic as always!
I love Cafe Masala. It's restaurant quality food from our local take away. I wouldn't order from anywhere else!
- Kate Ibbeson

Nice food, but messed up the order for the second time
The food is always great and the people who work there are nice, but the last two times I've ordered online they've delivered things I didn't order, while not delivering things I did order. Please sort it out, Cafe Masala!
- Alex Dobson

Quick service
Quick, efficient service
- Julia Gray

Good but not excellent
Decent portions, good flavours. Let down by the fact the peshwari naan was missing. We collected rather than getting delivery; food was ready.
- Iona Hine

Cafe Masala
Always really yummy food from here, definitely recommend
- Natalie Bishop

Great food
First time ordering online and was very impressed with the service. The food was spot on, as a curry wimp it was perfectly spiced with fantastic fragrant flavours. My only quibble was I asked for pilau rice and got boiled, luckily it was still tasty and with 20% off for collection I decided not to complain. Highly recommended, best curry in Walkley.
- Paul Russell

Never order from here if you are hungry
I have placed an order online with Cafe Masala and despite their promise of delivery within the hour, it has now been two hours and I am still waiting. Trying to call is impossible - it seems they keep their phone off the hook - 30 minutes of constant dialing and I am getting busy tome. Thus I cannot even find out when or IF it is actually going to be delivered. I will never order with this restaurant again - it seems that claiming to have an award made them very complaicent! NOT HAPPY
- Silvia

Lovely Tandoori mixed grill, korma was really well spiced and the veg dishes were dreamy. Was a little late, but it was a Friday night at 7 and when I rang they were very nice and gave me a correct delivery time which was spot on. Will order again
- Mischa Hill

cafe masala
Food fantastic, long wait for delivery but they rang straight away to let us know, best curry in Sheffield!
- mandy perkin

- Paul Cousins

excellent delivery time
the food was brilliant, tasty and well proportioned.i was impressed with the quick and easy delivery as on.
- mini mansell

- Debra Canning

Happy to say the the Cafe masala seafood special exceeded expectations with really tasty prawns and a spicy edge. Cauliflower bhaji had a pleasing lemony edge. The fish darjeeling was fresh tasting with delicate flavours, and not too oily, and the brinjal bhaji... yum. Breads were surprisingly good too for a delivered take away, although we do live only just round the corner... Will be definitely ordering again
- Cath James

A very average curry experience
While it's nice to be able to order a curry and have it delivered, it takes the edge off a little when the standard of food is poor. The vegetables were chewy and the meal arrived nearly cold, the spices left much to be desired, and the overall taste didnt come close to other curries I have eaten. Overall a disappointing meal, but the portions were very generous- the one possible redeeming factor for prospective customers.
- David Hall

a very dissappointing experience
Was recommended Cafe Masala by a friend. I was told on confirmation of order that the food would be delivered after 50mins and it arrived a full 2 hours late and when it arrived the order was incorrect... the expected onion bhaji was instead a portion of i don't know what. I rang repeatedly to check on the status of the order but couldn't get through as it was obviously busy. A courtesy call to say that it was running so late would've been appreciated. When i did eventually get through i was given an explanation of business but it was hardly apologetic. I can't say the delivery man was too friendly either practically throwing the bag at me. When you consider that the food is relatively expensive really i would expect a lot lot more. The experience was so bad it's actually left me rather angry! from now on i think i will stick to making my own curry, at least i know i'll get what i was expecting and will only have myself to blame when it isn't very nice.
- Sean

Sometimes good, often great!
The vegetarian curries here are particularly good, often better than the meat-based ones. The vegetable saag in particular is a classic.
- Alex Dobson

just what was needed!
placed a largish order (mains and sundries to feed 10 hungry party goers) - received a follow up call to confirm order, then food was delivered within estimated time. easy ordering process, very tasty food. good portion sizes for price, too. can highly recommend the phal :)
- liz aspden

Excellent food
- Sarah Hawkins

Excellent food spoilt by arriving very late
Meal ordered at 7.50pm for delivery between 9.00pm and 9.15pm. Didn't arrive until 9.45pm!As a result the starter was luke warm.Given that our telephone number was on the order, it wouldn't have been difficult to let us know things were busy.A shame as the food was first class. Will have to think about whether I would use again
- Martin Perryman

Nice food, slow delivery
The food was delivered quite late, although I called them and they told me that they were busy. Food was nice.
- laura johnson

tad expensive for what you get
I found it a bit more expensive than my other indian takeaways and the chicken wasn't the best
- Natalie Robinson

Naan Kebab
Really good quality kebab, will order again soon
- christopher hickin

Lovely, yummy curry
- Sarah Round

Decent curry
Good jalfrezi but too much tomato not enough spice.
- James Hesketh

First impressions
order arrived on time which was free popudams smashed to bits..bag of crumbs actually...1 starter was the main the food was very good with the exception of the Vindaloo which was as spicey as gravy..
- Steve Lowe

Lovely curry
Just could have been a bit warmer when delivered but the spices warmed me up anyway!
- Richard Bargh

Great Curry
We have ordered from here quite a few times the food is always goodOnly down side they never give you free poppadoms when most others do
- Paul Copley

Lovely food, effortless ordering, prompt delivery
- Sarah Round

good food!
great food as always and ontme delivery
- lindsay allsop

- adam rigby

Amazing as usual
- adam rigby

Fresh and Healthy tasting at a great price, much recommended
- mark adams

Very tasty veggie food
This was my first time at Cafe Masala and my first time using the online order and delivery service. I was very impressed.The food was delicious and not greasy at all, as you sometimes find with takeaway food, and there was a nice choice of veggie dishes. Portions were generous.Will definitely order from them again.
- Trudi Materna

Absolutely FAB, real value for money, can't wait for next weeks
- Antony Hopkins

Cafe Masala
Good Meal. Will order again from them.
- A Meijer

Cafe Masala
Very nice food, delivered on time
- Simon Watson

Favourite Indian!
food is generally excellent, although sometimes not as good as others (naan is sometimes really fresh, other times not and a bit dry). could do with more meat in the meat dishes. other than that, really good. delivery a bit annoying, as we live in a block of flats, they like to play dumb and let us come out to find them rather than get out of the car and come to our door.
- Becky Clements

- Richard Knowles

Good Food
Food was great but arrived with no poppadoms!
- Simon Watson

Excellent food as always
- Richard Knowles

No pappadoms tho, and that isnt the first time!!
- Richard Knowles

- Paul Cousins

Cafe Masla review
Food tasted good and was nice and hot, however we were not informed that the order was ready to collect, we just popped in on the way back from the shop and it happened to be ready. Definitely good value for money in terms of food quality, but would have been nice if our pickle tray included more pickle variety, two out of three were the same!
- Anneka Mistry

Very nice
Very nice
- Richard Knowles

Cafe Masala
Quick delivery and good meal
- Richard Knowles


- Richard Knowles

Great quality food

- Richard Knowles

Great Food
- Richard Knowles

Great food - Very happy
Delicious food and lots of it. We were missing the free poppadoms, but i wouldn't of been able to fit them in anyway. Food arrived only 10 minutes late - not bad on a Friday night. I will definately be ordering again.
- Richard Knowles

A good meal at a good price

- Caroline Pennock

Good food and service
everything fine
- Alberto Barron

Good food and service
The food and service were fine. We always ask for collection and the food is waiting for us at arrival.
- Alberto Barron

Always order from Cafe Masala and never usually disappointed. What's changed? Is it under new ownership? The chap who usually delivers is lovely and very friendly. This time it was a different guy and he hardly said a word -he just lifted the bag at me when I answered the door. He didn't even bother thanking me for the tip I gave him. Although the meal arrived in about 50 mins (which is average for a Saturday night), it came without the free papadoms promised. We'd ordered online and when we called to query this, the guy at Cafe Masala said it hadn't shown up on his order, which is apparently then phoned in to him. (So there's obviously a bit of a problem on that front.) However, when we (politely) said that what we ordered was what we expected, he got arsey and basically said 'what do you want me to do about it, we're busy'.... I don't expect much - but I DO expect a bit of courtesy. On top of that, the food wasn't up to the usual standard either, as the chicken in both our dishes was dry. So disappointed o
- Kerry Hague

super nosh
love it everytime!!
- Mukka

truly a fantastic litttle takeaway
great food, friendly service
- truly a fantastic litttle takeaway


- james

great food and delivery
Ordered food in the afternoon online and it arrived exactly at the time specified, I think the secret is to allow sufficient time on weekends, food was delicious
- Minnie

just brilliant
food is awesome, delivery is sometime slightly late but its well worth the wait
- Sam Murpy

Don't bother
Ordered the food at 8.30 online. Was informed that it would be delivered between 9.15 & 9.30. 9.40 came but the food didn't. I called to chase - twice - and eventually it arrived at about 10.20. Needless to say it was cold.The order was wrong. We had Tandoori Chicken instead of chicken tikka pakora and the tandoori chicken wasn't great. It was dry & barely spiced. The limp salad and dips with it were appalling. We also had aloo chop which was too greasy and bland.Then we had ordered chicken tikka madras but we got chicken korma. I hate korma. It just isn't curry! Again the chicken was dry, what there was of it! Then lamb paneer which was the best of the lot, but again the lamb was dry and it wasn't overly flavoursome.Pilau rice promised to be 'Basmati rice fragranced with saffron, cinnamon sticks, bay leafs and cardamoms'. Yeah right! It was standard rice with a few grains of that orange 'pilau' rice thrown in. Poor.Garlic and coriander naan looked promising. I could actually smell garlic when opening the bag
- Clare Tollick

Just Fantastic
The best Indian I have had in Sheffield for about three years.
- Andrew Bradshaw

Just Fantastic
Probably the best Indian I have had in Sheffield for about three years.
- Andrew Bradshaw

Just Fantastic
The best Indian I have had in Sheffield for about three years.
- Andrew Bradshaw

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