Central Fish & Chips

7b High Street, Bonnybridge, FK4 1BX

7b High Street,
FK4 1BX.

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Quick delivery
Wasn't keen on the battered fish as it still had some skin on. It was perfectly edible but it was a little off putting against the flaky white meat. Everything else was great. It was hot and filling
- Anne Cunningham

Wrong meal
Ordered something from the menu but didn't recieve it. Not being a picky eater i didnt really mind it was just really disheartening when i had been looking forward to it all day. (Recieved 2 battered sausages instead of a smoked sausage)
- Sarah F

central fish and chip
It wasn't that bad but the sausage barely had any batter on it and that's kinda the best part if I'm honest. Everything else was great. The fish was lovely
- Anne Cunningham

Hit or Miss
We go to the shop to order and collect our food. The food is sometimes good quality and hot as it should be but mostly there is an issue with either the batter the food or the heat of the food. Staff need customer service training there attitude stinks a please and thankyou wouldn't go amiss. They mostly look like there clothes need a good clean and iron and there hair hanging out all over the place haven't they heard of hygiene regulations while serving food? They value of the menu is fair for the area. We tend to go elsewhere and use this shop only on occasion.
- Anonymous

Review of Central Fish and chip
I've had a few issues with the chip shop in the past when trying to order online and yesterday was the only day they actually got the order correct so yeah, it deserved good marks then
- Anne Cunningham

Food was great, only had to wait a few mins. Service with a smile
- Jennifer Fairgrieve

Slow delivery.
Order was slow in delivery, food therefore cold.
- Mr Tom Foggo

Burnt chips
Placed my order online which was fine then went to collect it. The first lot of chips they were going to give me were completely and utterly burnt and disgusting looking, they actually looked like reheats. I then said to them and they proceeded to put the burnt chips back in the the chip holder to obviously reuse! Disgusting! They then told me fresh chips would be about a minute. They at least looked a bit better than the previous chips. Not the best chips ive had at all and the curry sauce is over priced in comparison to other chipshops. This is my local chipshop which is disappointing as it was rotten. Definitely need to look at their standards and quality of food as its quite poor. Wont be back. Id rather drive through to Cumbernauld and go to the Oasis chipshop through there as the foods much much better. And looks and tastes fresh anytime ive been.
- Julie Penn-dunnett

Arrived within the time scale. Food was hot
- Joanne Wilson

Love it
Food is excellent service is excellent and quick delivery
- Ian Cunningham

Great food but careful on delivery
As always a great quality of food but ordered in advance asking for delivery 8-8.15. Was surprised at 7.30 for the delivery tonturn up at the door. Not a problem as was in to receive but what if I hadn’t been
- Stuart Johnston

Sausage supper
Amazing. Fast delivery within 15minutes
- Tracey Stirling

We had the special fish, it was fantastic,
- A McNiven

Perfectly fine
- William Duncan

long wait
Ordered at 19.00, arrived at 20.45.
- Wilsdorf Aileen

Length of wait.
Even although ordered to pick up myself , ( time slot 3/4 of an hour later) still had to wait for chips to cook once I got there. Food was very good and obviously lovely and fresh once I got it. Service was very good and server was very apologetic for wait.
- Lorraine Young

Cold food
Food was cold, got short changed. Would have been quicker just going and getting it myself, an hour and a half after order for an asap option is disappointing
- Melissa Jenkins

I got a pizza supper. Pizza was fine but the chips weren't that great and had a lot of burnt ones in them. Hopefully if I get another one the chips will be better.
- Julie Penn-Dunnett

Great food and great service always arrives when said
- Ian Cunningham

Hit or miss like everywhere else
Food was good only negative was late delivery but it was Sunday night so obviously busy.
- Ryan Wheater

When the chips are down....
Usually enjoy the scran from here but bad night at the office. It was a Saturday night so maybe they were rushing to get the food out but I'd rather wait 5 mins for perfect chips instead of raw ones.
- Ryan Wheater

Card charge
Not happy at being charged to use my own debit card!!! Only noticed after I read my email about my food order. I order from other places online and don't get charged. I just won't order from yous again now for that.
- Julie Penn-Dunnett

Food was horrible
The food was vile, pasta was greesy and just horrible. Couldn't even eat it!
- Courtney Miller

Special fish was terrible a lot of the chips were dried out
I can only describe the fish as yuck !! The fish dressing was hard and was chocolate colour it was hard I opened it up to see the fish it was totally dried up inside. It looked disgusting. This was the 1st time we had delivery won't be doing it again. Was never disappointed going to order and pick up.
- Liz sutherland

Worst chippy ever! Cold greasy chips. Dry chicken. Skin not removed. Batter I couldn't get my teeth through. Never again
- shirley roper

Yummy as always!
- Georgia Nairn

Home delivery online
Quick service food lovely
- Iain Harris

Delivery was shocking
Pizza was cold. Took over an hour and a half to get here and was delivered in 3 separate batches
- Breeann Burns

Good as usual
Delivered hot and on time. Pizza in batter could have used a bit more batter though.
- Michelle McCubbing

Delivered on time
Good food as always only chip shop I use.
- Michelle McCubbing

Ordered a fish supper and a pizza supper. Was quite nice.
- Julie Penn-Dunnett

Easy way to orfer food
Easy too order from my favourite fish and chip shop. Food is always good and delivered hot and within the time they say that it should arrive.
- Michelle McCubbing

Nice Food
I ordered a fish supper and a pizza supper and they were lovely.
- Julie Penn-Dunnett

Great food
Arrived 15 mins before it should of which is a plus food was lovely and hot
- Joanne Wilson

Order placed at 18.22 food was supposed to arrive between 19.05-19.20 phoned at 19.40 and told it would be another 20 mins as they were busy and only had one driver food never arrived till 20.45
- Joanne Wilson

Great pizza.
First time we have had pizza from this take away and it was fantastic. The online ordering was easy and food was ready when they said it would be. Will use again.
- Mark Richardson

Great food and friendly staff!! ☺
- cheryle ward

Cheese was not melted properly on pizza, few weeks ago pizza was burnt black on bottom, problems I never experienced with the old oven...
- Cheryle Ward

Good food
Food came within 15 minutes of ordering food very hot.
- Claire Mckay

Top Drawer
Great value plenty of food and delivered quick
- Thomas Taylor

Great food
Always really tasty
- Michael Hepburn

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