Chico Pizzeria

Unit 2, 124 Victoria Street, Lurgan, Craigavon, BT67 9DA

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Unit 2, 124 Victoria Street,
BT67 9DA.

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Never again
- Anonymous

Where is it?
Have paid, waited over an hour and a half. Disappointed u can't add zero stars
- Susan Mcconnell

KUKD App Easy to use
Amazing food as always, never been disappointed
- Anonymous

Amazing service as always! KUKD app very easy to use, woud use both KUKD and Chico again in heartbeat!
- Anonymous

Food came quite soon as deliveries started although you could tell my food had been made previously and kept warm as the toppings had gone hard. Very disappointed with the way my pizza had came and most of the garlic on my garlic pizza was dripping off. To also add that I wasn't pleased with the gravy chip or garlic sauce, chips were like rubber and the garlic tasted sour. I have now spent my money on something that definitely wasn't worth it. Can certainly say that I will never order again from here,
- Anonymous

A little disappointed
Unfort I ordered a vegetarian calzona with mixed peppers but it arrived with pepperoni.
- Ursula Brady

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