Clapham Tandoori

10 Clapham Common Southside, Clapham, SW4 7AA

10 Clapham Common Southside,
SW4 7AA.

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Disappointed with order
We had guests staying and placed quite a large order.Unfortunately most of the dishes arrived cold, some were quite watery and others were quite bland.Not a great experience for anyone I’m afraid.
- Chris Drake

Always good food just needs to be hotter
- Debra McMahon

Delicious Food & Great Service
The poppadoms & sauces were a great addition! The chicken korma was delicious & plentiful; the naan was tasty, soft & warm. Service was swift, efficient & friendly.
- Felicity Lindsay

Really terrible service, took 4 phone call chasers with various excuses (lies) offered along the way. Extremely disappointing, unreliable and untrustworthy.
- James Hocking

Too slow
I have always been Clapham Tandooris biggest advocate, however last night I was beyond disappointed. After ordering at 8pm the food arrived at 9:40pm cold. We tried calling them several times at 9pm to find out where our order was and the phone was off the hook. Wasn’t the best food either poppadoms tasted fishy.
- Jo Hampton-Davis

Disappointing food
The veg curry had a weird smell ( as if not fresh) and the eggplant with cashew was just way too sweet
- Natali Blondeau

Good delivery service and food
Delivery was prompt and email communication great. Food was great - good portion size too.
- Katie Wallis

Really tasty food
Everything went smoothly with my delivery and the food was delicious.
- Myrto Gkasiali

Fantastic food - speedy delivery!
Enormous portion sizes!!' Exceptional value for money.
- Noel Davie

Excellent Food at a Great Price
I have used Clapham Tandoori for several years now and they never disappoint. The food is always delicious and the portions are generous. Enjoy!
- Boojie Cowell

Freshly prepared food - however could have been spicier. Mixed grill was good, spinach dhaal needed some spice as bland but other wise good, and my son enjoyed the CTM.
- Masum Khwaja

Would recommend 100%! Food came early, huge portion and some freebies!
- Stanka Saskyova

I was delivered the wrong food and the driver had no change
I was delivered a completely different curry to what I ordered which was not very good at all. The order was meant to take 40 mins but straight after I ordered that went to 70 mins. Plus the driver didn't have change so I had to order over the phone through an insecure line
- Robert Steel

Best curry we've had in ages!
I ordered a delivery for 6 which was Super speedy and delicious. Would definitely use and recommend again!
- Lizzie Stephens

Excellent food delivered quickly and hot
Food was fantastic - chicken and lamb were really tender. Arrived within 45 minutes and was steaming hot when it got here. Definitely recommend !!!!
- Ellie Carter

Good quality
Food were in good quality, every dish was well packed and labelled.
- Peter Shum

Very good Value for Money
Always good quality food, can be relied upon
- Hannah Benhariz

Always a winner!
We've always received good meals from here. There's a great selection and even the classics are mouthwatering. We highly recommend this takeaway.
- Keely Shephard

Lovely food but didn't come at the correct time
Chose time window 19.30-45 but it came 40 mins early.. which meant I had to keep it warm until my partner returned home at 19.30
- Hannah Brown

first time
Very easy to use, very efficient, very convenient. Really good food. Will definitely use again.
- Amina Wilde

Excellent Local Indian Restaurant
A huge selection on the menu makes it difficult to choose but every dish is well prepared and extremelt tasty.
- Samantha Steward

Extremely poor
First I should say I've used this restaurant in the past and been very pleased, to the point that despite being more expensive than my previous 'go-to' take-away, this had become my favourite. But this time it was horrible and I won't be back.Food was over an hour late. The onion bahji nothing but grease, they were swimming in oil. The butter chicken masala was so sweet it could have been a dessert. Butter chicken should be creamy but it traditionally also has quite a kick; eat it in Hyderabad and it will blow your head off. In this area of south London I expect a bit more aithenticity in my Indian.TBF the paratha was good, buttery and flakey. Not the best I've ever had but very good for delivery. Still, for £16 that was the only edible thing that arrived; not impressed.
- Kelly Wellman

Good food - terrible delivery
Food was over 30 minutes late, chose to pay by card on the delivery options but was told I had to pay cash when it arrived. The food did at least taste nice
- Simon Scott

Best Indian takeaway in the area!
- Carla Handy

Super tasty and quick delivery on a Saturday evening! Would recommend all of the specialities that I've tried.
- George Ayris

unfortunately what was a very tasty curry was ruined by taking 1h25mins to deliver, once it had arrived the food was stone cold the
- david brown

great curry but got the order wrong
Fantastic curry, big fresh portions but they got my order wrong. Only time its happens though. Have me samosas instead of extra mint sauce!!
- Tom Belton

Very Nice!
Good quality food and delicious! Delivery time was also prompt and within the estimated time.The mains where a good size portion and tasted awesome - the only thing I marked down was the appetiser which was the lamb Samoosa where the portion had 2 Samoosas which where only about 2 inches long... they could either make them bigger or put in 1 or 2 extra ones to make dish 5 stars.
- Andre van den Heever

Love Clapham tandoori. Great every time!

Very good curry
- Bernadette Stansfield

Excellent Take Away
This is by far the best place that I've ordered from on here. Delivery is always timely and the food is delicious!
- Sam Daley

Good curry.
Food was delicious especially the Sag Panir. Not too pricey either and arrived pretty fast.
- M Tiratelli

Best restaurant in this area. Food always hot and tasty. Will keep on using them again.
- samantha Fox

quick delivery, food was good too!
enjoyed the meal, will be using this site and the restaurant again
- Mark Willams

another great curry
Fresh, Fast and delicious.
- Fay white

the best
we ate there and we love their food
- mark

excelent food
we ordered a takeaway from clapham tandoori, just a few days ago, and it was i admit the best indian ever. my girlfriend loved it so much we booked a party there.
- kevin

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