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36 Whalebone Lane South,
RM8 1BB.

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Great tasting food
We really enjoyed our chicken tikka
- Shirley De ath

The dahl and aubergine bhaji were fresh and tasty but the onions and garlic needed to be roasted more as there was a raw flavour and taste of the onions and gaflic. nExtra spice was requested but it did not happen. The breads were very chewy as if they had been microwaved and for too long.nThe onion bhajis were tasty, but again needed spice. They were not laiden with salt. The order was pre ordered and delivered at the exact time with great customer service by the delivery person.It was lovely to have the free pappadoms.
- Kush Kaur

I have recently moved home and found one of their menus in my postbox and thought i'd give them a try. I ordered the Thali and boy was it good! So good that I had to call them back shortly after eating it to let them know how impressed I was with the quality of their food. We haven't used anyone else since. Authentic, delicious and packed with flavour, yet fresh and clean tasting. Highly recommended!!
- Bradley Verlander

Good takeaway
Food has always been tasty and delivery has always been superb.

Good delivery
The dahls were not as they are as there was little spiv=ce if not any but had cardamons and possibly cloves in it, not too great. T tandoori roti lovely but no wholemeal flour for the plain roti. The aubergines were little to be seen in the curry , full of potatoes and very raw garlic in all foood.
- Kush Kaur

Pleased with the food quality, and delivery time. Used them on a recommendation and am happy.
- garry farrell

Speedy service - 35 mins
Ordered first time from here, the items were beautifully packaged with car in a posh Clay Oven printed white strong reuseable plastic carrier bag and a lovely welcome from the delivery man.All food was delivered in plastic reuseable tubs.I orderd from here as they offer aubergine curry. It was lovely in flavour but unfortunately heavy in oil. The tarka dahl was not the traditional fine split lentils but the larger pieces of lentils, but tasted lovely. The chappati a good size and lovely fresh, well cooked steamed rice, not too sticky and not too dry either. The pakoras were not the traditional type, but made with bread crumbs, unusual but tasty although a little gooey from the plastic packaging condensation too.For a strong Indian palette, it is worth asking them to add a little exra touch of green chillies.It was impressive that the food was not laiden with excess salt as most restaurants do.It is worth giving these guys a go.
- Kush Kaur

The food we ordered, as always, was absolutely superb. The meat is so we flavoured and tener. Just perfect.
- Tim Billinghurst

was ok
The food was ok. Was expecting it to be tastier than it was. The aubergine had no salt and was half cooked so did not taste good. I have eaten aubergine curry in another indian restaurant and it was superb. The spinach was ok but the paneer again was not cooked properly and the same for the Bhindi which was half cook with very little salt and spice. It seemed that it was cooked in a rush although I placed my order 2 hours before. The roti was fine and it was nice and soft, way I expected it to be. I was expecting for a nice and spicy but not too hot, but I was disappointed as it was too bland. May be some sweets would have been nice to complete the meal but unfortunately there was nothing there for me to order. Sweets like laddus, rasmalai or may be ice cream would have been nice. Anyway that's my thought and thank you

Best Indian for miles around. Always fresh and hot. Restaurant quality! NOT the kind of slop you get from some Indian takeaways. We have been using this place for more than 10 years and never any cause for complaint. Luv n Respect!
- Kevin Birnie

Great for Value
The portion size was good and what we would expect and the price was good value.However the food was not so good to our taste, the style was not the same that we would expect from our normal curry housesBut the service and timing were exceptional
- Ricky Pillay

Amazing food!
We have ordered from The Clay Oven many times and their food is exceptional. The delivery is always before the stated time, greeted with a smile and good quality authentic Indian food, unlike other places we tried previously where there was too much grease.
- Tim Billinghurst

Best Indian EVER!!!!
Food was fantastic! And the delivery time was way before expected. A must try. Value for money was great too. Did I mention the fantastic food as well!
- Akhlak

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