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4 Church Hill, Walthamstow, E17 3AG

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4 Church Hill,
E17 3AG.

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Cash Walthamstow
He was very friendly & the service was quick. I would recommend to my friend
- Anonymous

Kash was very polite service was good and on time. Definitely should come here often.
- Anonymous

Missing ice cream - cold custard- no spoon
Disappointing but the cheesecake was nice
- Matthew Hardcastle

Confusing at start but happy ending
We went as a family of 7 and so the orders got a little confusing and there were a few items out of stock. But the manager was very helpful and patient and made sure we were all happy with what we got. The cookie dough was excellent (One of us thought that it was a little too sweet) the crepes were good and the sweet shop bubble waffle definately put a huge smile on my little boys face. And thanks for the few coke!!
- Israa Ibrahim

Good evening,I want to make a very bad complaint about your attitude staff!!!! We went there as our friends told us about your restaurant. As we live very close we went last night and we don't want to come back!!! We waited at the cue around 10 minutes and one of your staff ( the only guy nice in that building) put us to a table. We were looking at the menu and and one guy come ( customer) and tell us to live that is their table. We explain that someone seat us there and to ask him. He went to a girl at the till ( blond hair and tall) and told her and then she START SCREAMING at that poor guy and the rest of the staff why he set us at a table of 6 if we are 2? She SCREAMED at that guy and everybody was looking at her She told to one girl to come and move us from there to a table that was to someone else anyway.. We left because everything was ruined by her and her attitude. We never eat there and it was a nice evening for us until she ruined it. I'm very sorry for that poor guy, he was nice and trying t
- Anonymous

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