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Decent Madras
Convenient and reasonable price. I benchmark via quality of chicken madras and this is better than most in Horley. King prawn bhuna tastier than most.
- Gareth Rees

Lamb bhuna
Everything was fine except for the lamb bhuna, for £6 the portions are too small and not enough meat in it.
- Randolph Hall

As always food here is excellent, very tasty and service is good.
- Helene Churchyard

Great takeaway
Very good food as always, highly recommended
- Richard Hunt

As good as ever
Great food, really enjoy the curries from here
- Simon Callcott

Bit disappointed
Have ordered on previous occasions and have always been very happy with the food.Unfortunately on this occasion we were a bit disappointed.I requested a leg rather than breast for the tandoori starter but didn't get it. We couldn't eat the popodoms as they were stale and there was only 3 or 4 very small pieces of king prawn in the king prawn Puri. If this had been our first time ordering from the curry Inn we probably wouldn't order again I'm afraid.As we have been happy in the past,I will possibly give it another chance.
- Alison Porter

Hot and fast good quality food Great flavours Recommended
- Paul Barkess

Mega slow takeaway service
Was really not happy with the speed of this order turned up an around an hour late and even though the food was nice just felt the service was not great especially on the phone too.
- Daniel Graham

Great food!
Really enjoyed our Curry, it was our anniversary treat. So we booked a time slot for it to be delivered (so the children would be in bed)! We got it 35 minutes early, so children were still being put to bed. Still great food and we enjoyed it
- Anne Maxted

Great food and good quick service
Delicious food good service, would recommend to family and friends
- Ali Vail

I've eaten here before and the food has been fine however on this occasion the food was barely warm and was lacking flavour. It actually gave us the impression we were eating the previous nights leftovers which had been poorly reheated, and the poppadums were stale!
- Melanie Barber

All Positive From Me
Did a collection order. Turned up at the start of the time window and was just about ready. Food was just as good as always. Certainly would recommend this place. All the staff always seem to be working really hard.
- Neil Thompson

Curry Inn Horley
A good curry and fast service as always. Next time though, please make the Vindaloo hotter !
- Mark Woodruff

Always amazing food!
Definitely a treat for us but whether we eat in or have it delivered, the food is amazing quality and service is quick!
- Hannah Sawyer

Very nice.
Easy straight forward ordering and the food arrived on time (the delivery driver was polite but didn't have enough change.) The food was nice and seemed fresh. I can recommend and will order again.
- Alison Porter

Online order didn't work
Online order didn't reach the restaurant even though we had email confirmation. Whence we did get our food it was the wrong meal.
- Kev Stevens

Online order didn't work
Online order didn't reach the restaurant even though we had email confirmation. Whence we did get our food it was the wrong meal.
- Kev Stevens

Curry Inn back to its best!
Hadn't been to the Curry Inn for a while after a couple of disappointing meals a year or so ago, although it was our favourite Indian restaurant in Horley for a long time. The food yesterday was full of flavour and really was a return to top of form. We ended up over ordering on rice as the on-line menu isn't clear where meals come with rice or not. That's minor criticism which can be easily fixed and shouldn't take away from a superb take-away meal. We'll be back soon!
- Derek Cobb

Saturday Night supper
Food tasted great, portions were spot on and delivery was punctual!Only down side was we ended up with two additional pilau rice as some of the dishes included them which, we probably missed
- Matt Masters

Great food
Food was lovely, easy to order in advance.
- Samantha Mitchell

Great food
Great food and piping hot
- Janine Nelson

Lamb Tika Vindaloo
Tasty sauce but meat as tough as an old flip flop!
- Rich Hendy

Very happy
Great food and service
- Ali Fulford

Good food
Food was good,
- shah uddin

Biryani & Lakhani Chicken
Ordered Biryani and Lakhani Chicken, very tasty, highly recommend.
- Aamar Ahmad

Great food as always
Food always lovely, hot and tasty!
- Amy Busbridge

Prompt service; Excellent Quality
The food was excellent and prepared on time
- Jenny Shipley

Quick delivery
Curries were really tasty and they arrived very quickly.
- Jane

Hot korma!!!!!!!
We had such a lovely korma last time but this time it was so hot it was burning my mouth and lips!!!! I like spices but not heat that's why I have a korma. So disappointing plus it took so long....ordered about 7pm and got it 8.45pm. I rang to find out where it was and they said it's on it's way but didn't apologise neither did the delivery guy!!! Plus it wasn't warm so it clearly had been sitting around!!!! What a shame.
- Jane

Easy to order, curry nicer in restaurant though
Curry was bland and wasn't enough sauce with the rice but service was good and deliveried on time!
- Gemma Cotton

Great Taste
I have never ordered a curry from the Curry Inn before, it was only due to our usual curry house being refurbished. But, I can now say I wont be going back to my old supplier the curry has far more taste and enjoyed the last two curries we have ordered.nDefinitely will be recommending
- Shaney Bolton

Burnt bread & overcharging
If you like your naan burnt & being told they have taken off 10%for collection (when they haven't) this is the place to eat. Couldn't tell the difference between the garlic chicken and chilli chicken bar some green chillis. Not impressed.
- Milie

Very good
Very good meal
- Robert Wells

Cold food!
Very disappointing!! A lost delivery driver who then said he was still at the restaurant... We then call the restaurant and get told he left 10 minutes ago... 20minutes later food arrives... Starters cold and inedible and main not much better a waste of money as most of it went in the bin! Will not use again!
- Iona

Sylheti Chicken
Enjoyed the food but disappointed with the online ordering. I was given a collection time of 25 minutes but actually waited 1 hour 5 minutes. Where I normally go the system is much more accurate.
- Peter Gregory

Nice meal
Really enjoyed the meal.Prawn masala expensive for the amount of prawns given.Would definitely recommend the curry inn regardless.
- Alison Porter

The curry that took me to what felt like a night in shangri la
I just want to say I was extremely impressed with the service I experienced yesterday with online curry order. It arrived within 25 minutes of placing the order and I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my mum shout 'the curry is here'. The delivery man took great care when knocking on my door, he obviously took into consideration that it was late at night and my little brother was asleep, as he knocked loud enough for us to hear but not too loud that it woke my brother from his deep sleep. Although it was pouring down with rain the delivery man places the bag in my hands with a big wet smile on his face before returning to his car. When I opened up the bags a my nostrils grew wide as I smelt the smell hit my nose and I thought to my self 'I've definitely hit the nail on the head with this one'. and ever since this meal I ordered from you. Myself and my great friend Melissa can't stop raving about curry. I'm definitely taking her to your curry house.
- Alden

Wrong curry
Ordered a lamb biryani, didn't get it. Got a mystery chicken curry instead
- Rob

Excellent thank you
- Amy Busbridge

Great food here!!
- Amy Busbridge

Brilliant as always
We have our favourites and never let down
- Terri Moore

Nice food- leaked during delivery
Great curry!! Food awesome but shame all the oil of one of the the containers leaked out into bag and covered over boxes. Popadoms were oily and covered in too much spice for my son to eat.
- Amy Busbridge

Nice food- leaked during delivery
Great curry!! Food awesome but shame all the oil of one of the the containers leaked out into bag and covered over boxes. Popadoms were oily and covered in too much spice for my son to eat.
- Amy Busbridge

Will be using again
- Sue

Lovely Tasty Curry
Delivered on time and was delicious!
- Belinda Clarke

Best Chicken Tikka Pathiia in Horley
I have tried other curry houses nIn the Horley area but The Curry Inn is definitely the best. I ordered online at 6 pm on a Saturday evening and my order was with me by 06:40pm and the food was hot! If anyone asks about Indian restaurants in Horley I would always direct them to The Curry Inn.
- K Pickett

On time and tasty
Delivered on time, nice and fresh. Exactly as ordered. Excellent
- Richard

Good standard as usual
Food nice delivered on time, got the basics right!
- Richard Churchyard

Great food....and quick !
Ordered a last minute curry for one on a Saturday evening. Arrived in 30 mins, hot and the food was great as always....Thanks.
- Mike Maloney

Great always !!
Food delivered within time and great food again....thank you.
- Mike Maloney

Great food, delivered early
Delivered early and food great....thanks.
- Mike Maloney

Very impressed with quality and presentation of food. Will definitely order from again.
- Asa Steere

Great food from Curry Inn.
Arrived in expected timescale and food good as always.
- Mike Maloney

Timed well
The timing was impressive, arrived within seconds of estimation. Food was as good as normal. Slightly greasy and need insulation for journey as it was not as hot as it could be
- Steve Brooks

Great food and service
Food arrived hot and tasted great. Although ordered on a Saturday night, the food was with us well within the hour. Use the restaurant to eat in and to have takeaways, both are great. Best in Horley !!
- Mike Maloney

'Hot' Tikka Masala?
Unfortunatley what should be a 'mild' dish was inedible due to heat. The manager did bring out another one but too late by then.
- Julie

Great service and delivery
Ordering on a Saturday night at peak time is always a gamble. Our usual place tends to take over an hour, sometimes longer, we just accepted it. These guys were well inside that time frame, same value, and food tastes really good, thanks.
- James

Very pleased with meal
- Sandra Graham

You bet! Excellent
- Alastair

Excellent in all respects
At the risk of over reviewing this restaurant (maybe the moderators would like to merge this with my review of yesterday?) I think it is only fair to say that I re-ordered a meal for delivery to the Gatwick Hilton, today, with the request that it be delivered hot this time. I was telephoned by the delivery driver before he left the restaurant and again as soon as he arrived at the hotel. The meal was both hot and delicious, so I think this proves that the restaurant are receptive to special requests made via curriesonline.nnMany thanks, and I hope this helps you if you are considering placing an order.
- Duncan Gilmour

Tasty food, shame it was cold
This is the second time I have ordered food from here whilst stating at the Gatwick Hilton.nnOn both occasions the food has been excellent, delivered by a punctual and friendly driver. Why oh why don't they put it in a hot box? It was lukewarm on both deliveries. Come on Curry Inn. Invest in an insulated box and you will get many more orders! As it is I may try another delivery tomorrow, as I am here all week.
- Duncan Gilmour

Tandoori king prawns...yum
Gorgeous meal as always. The chicken biryani was fab as well as the tandoori chicken and prawns. Would recommend x
- Adrian Birtchnell

Brilliant as alway
Nver fails to dissapoint
- Terri Moore

Fab curry
Good booking system. Order ready and waiting to be picked up. Food yummy!
- Kirsteen

Very nice really enjoyed!!nCould actually taste the spices and the vegetables tasted fresh.
- gina

No issues with meal
Very happy with the meal although had to wait a little longer than expected. However was given a drink whilst waiting
- Nick Ayling

10 out of 10
Perfect!! Easy to order, fast delivery and delicious food!! Will use every time.
- Debra Cole

Good Value
Great food at a good price
- Mark

Very Tasty
Excellent, fresh tasting curries and lovely garlic naan
- David

Great food, friendly delivery, quick too
- Stephen

Good food, delivered on time by friendly driver
The prices are spot on and tempted me to order an extra dish.The driver arrived well within the 15 minute window and called my phone, exactly as I had asked in the notes to my booking. He was friendly and efficient.The food was tasty and well cooked and I have no complaints on that score.The only criticism I have is that the meal was not hot. It was only a three mile drive but no hot box was used. The meal was delivered in a plastic bag with a paper bag within. I don't know how long it had been waiting in the restaurant, or how many other deliveries the driver made before mine but by the time it got to me it was lukewarm.If the Curry Inn could get this right and keep the food hot, they would have a 5 star service.
- Duncan Gilmour

Great Service
Have used your restaurant for a few years and have always found the food most enjoyable. The staff are fantastic and always greet us with a smile. Have ordered many a delivery and even in the winter the driver turns up with a pleasant smile and the food is always nice and hot. Well done for coming up with this site, so that I can now order online. First time ordering online was yesterday 6/08/2013 and the delivery turned up well within the time stated. Food,service, and reliabiltiy very good so would not hesitate to recommend to our neighbours and friends. Well done
- Anne P Bowyer

Food was average
The food we received was very greasy, there was too much oil used which settled on the top of both curries that we ordered. The cauliflower bhaji was very salty. Other than that the poppadum was nice and the food arrived on time.
- Kim Crabbe

Decent curry as always
A good meal as usual from curry inn, despite one of the curries leaking out from its container, over the rest of the contents of the bag.As messy start, but well worth the cleaning up effort as the meal was delishous!
- Gary Constable

Good Take out everytime!
We switched to The Curry Inn after our usual place kept forgetting items and taking a long time, we wish we had switched years ago, great dishes consistent high standard and quick delivery
- Stacey Revell

Good food on time
Good food very tasty and nice portions. A tiny bit pricey but better quality than some other local curry houses.
- Jeremy Stilesy

Very good
Ontime, good food, good value.
- Chris Holden

Quick Delivery
First time Using this service and would definitely use it again. Really good food and excellent delivery time.
- Khad khalique

Curry Inn, Horley, Surrey.
As always, the curry was flavoursome and a delight to dine on. My wife actually made a mistake with the order and only selected 1 papadum, fortunately 2 arrived anyway so thank you to whoever realised the error.
- Jamie Duncan

First time I have used this service and would definitely use it again. Fabulous food and excellent delivery time.

Great tasting take-a-way!
As always, great food delivered on-time. Consistently good quality.would recommend...
- Gary Constable

Sunday regular
Great as always
- Terri Moore

Curry inn my favourite in horley
Great food but pricey! Curries. Online was good service
- Carrie Hamblin

Food and service both excellent as usual!
- Luke Eyden

Not impressed this time
Pre-ordered the delivery for 7.30pm, it turned up at 6.50pm, kids still up so not the quiet relaxing meal we had planned.Asked for plain rice with outr chicken tikka massala but got pilau instead.Mango chutney was very very runny, like water.Not impressed with Curry Inn this time.
- Neil Henty

Probably the Best Asian Restaurant in Horley
The best thing about Curry Inn is consistency - always, good food, always good service, and value for money. I recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Horley looking for a good Indian meal.
- mary williams

Arriving Home Curry
Very good and delicious meal after a long flight home
- Terri Moore

Best King Prawn Korma I have ever had!
The online service was slick and easy to use - staff at The Curry Inn Horley were happy and fun when we went to collect (food was ready for us too).Excellent all round - yum!
- Carol Lambregts

Delicious food
Great service. Delicious food definitely worth waiting for. But I do hope one day the restaurant change their opening hours, from 1600pm.
- Cadmiel Riga

good food and tasty
Good food and tasty
- Robert Magowan

Very nice meal
We thoroughly enjoyed the curry we had on friday night and was met to our satisfaction
- Daniel Graham

Didn't read message..
The food is second to none, always. Delivery was not too bad but they did not read the special instructions bit...I will order again because you can't get a better curry anywhere, but they need to read the orders.
- Victoria Hinchliffe

Great if you like onions
The Balti I had tasted fine, the meat was a little tough
- Kevin Taylor

Brilliant Food
Very quick and friendly delivery. Delicious food!
- kellie Sherrin

Tasty Again
The food we ordered this time was a little spicier than normal, but still very good.Average time for delivery on a Saturday night was 50 minutes.
- Laura Howard

Great food and Great service
We've been ordering from Curry Inn for a few years now and it is by far the best indian restaurant in the area. Prices are a little high, but the food quality makes up for it.
- Paul Riga

a bit average, and they don't look at special requirements
The food was OK, but if you add comments (such as not to use certain ingredients like corriander) they never look at it - the driver actually said that
- Chris Schofield

Very Nice Curry
I placed a larger order for a Ladies Night I was hosting at my house.Everyone really enjoyed their curries, and will happily order again when we all get together next time.
- Laura Howard

Generally positive...
Food was delivered in good time. Chicken dishes were good, as were the sides. Lamb was a bit tough - would probably stick to chicken next time.Would order from this place again.
- Chris Schofield

Wonderful Staff
My daughter was about ?2 short when she collected our order. The staff were great - I will pop in with the money. But there was no fuss and we still had our fabulous, tasty Friday night treat. Thank you
- mary dearth

Consistently Great
Curry Inn Horley always provides great food, friendly service and value for money. My husband is Horley born and bred and has always rated Curry Inn above the competition.
- mary dearth

Curry Inn Horley
The website was very user friendly and quick. Easy to find what we wanted. Whole process hassle free and food lovely.
- Terri Moore

best curry in Horley
This was by far the best curry we have had delivered. There leaflet dropped through the letter box and thought we would give it ago instead of the usual curry house. Will def use this service again
- Rebecca Luque Mitchell

Always a great curry!
- Jamie Duncan

First class vindaloo. Highly recommended.
- David Scott

Great as always
The food from Curry Inn is exceptionally good. I think they are the best in Horley by a long way.
- john donald

Very good
Onion bhaji especially good
- Marc Agate

shame they forgot the popadums salad and mint sauce etc no use without popadums!curry was really nice though and delivered very quickly
- Z cook

not great!
Food was cold when i eventually got it!
- Emma Graham

dont order chicken korma
it was too of the food was okay.. but dont order chicken korma. i made a mistake ordering that.
- Chintan Mehta

awesome fast takeaway
will eat here again
- Chintan Mehta

my 1st order
impressed!very fast reliable service
- ian hunt

friendly staff. Good service delicous food cant go wrong with this place
- dusurmusur


Great Local Takeaway
We order from The Curry Inn more frequently than we care to admit. We have always found the food to be excellent.It's unfortunate we can't order online. Their website rejects our postal code, saying where we live in Copthorne is too far away for delivery. Yet, if we call the order in, they deliver it without any problems.
- Laura

The food is very tasty and good service. I only wish that we lived closer. The only chance we have to eat here is when we are off on holiday. Keep up the good work.
- vera perry

Curry Inn - online
First time i have ordered online, very impressed!
- Emma Graham

Poor service
Friendly staff, but gave me the wrong order and I had to return to restaurant to exchange. Otherwise good.
- john donald

Chicken Korma for one
The food was very tasty and ready when I arrived to collect. The online ordering system is very easy to use.
- Rachael Copus

Tikka Masala and Tandoori Chicken

- Neil Campbell

Very quick service

- Tom Penfold

Very quick service

- Tom Penfold

Expensive curry
We all found our food tasteless and the chicken in the dishes was dry. Samosas were extremely small and the bhajis chewy and rubbery. Disappointment all round.
- Karen Stewart

My wifes favourite
Cant stop the wife going back time and again. Delicious.
- Andrew Shipton

Great food
tasty and delivered on time, cant go wrong with this place
- Andrew Shipton

Alway good
Very good as usual
- Anthony King

- Andrew Shipton

Best curry in Horley at the moment

- Andrew Shipton

second time round
Ordered the same again and it was consistent with the last time. Keep up the good work.
- Andrew Shipton

Highly recommended
The food is tasty and always delivered on time, if not earlier than stated. Portion sizes reasonable. Prices average. Love the whole online ordering experience.
- Neil Williams

Very impressed
A much improved curry since I last went there over 5 years ago I will be revisiting
- Andrew Shipton

Miss nikki Barrett
The food didn't arrive until 20mins after the allocated time. The tarka dal was also very runny.
- Nikki Barrett

Great food and friendly service
The Curry Inn has been around since as long as I can remember and I'm in my 30's. I have been going there since a little child and now I am taking my children there. The guys are ever so friendly and they will always accomodate any requests. Oh by the way, the food is also splendid....
- Simon Barrett

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