145-147 Richmond Road, North Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BZ

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145-147 Richmond Road,
North Kingston,
KT2 5BZ.

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Great food
Always a great meal from Deea
- Fiona Cole

Great take away!
- Fiona Cole

Reliably delicious takeaway
We always find that Deea is reliably excellent food and service. Definitely recommend it.
- Giles Atkinson

Great takeaway
We always get our takeaways from here. Reasonable sized portions and always great food.
- Susan Sabbara

Usually fantastic
We regularly get takeaways from Deea, and always order the same things. Usually no complaints at all but...This time they forgot the onion bhajis which was disappointing. Also, we opted to redeem our curry points, but this was not done when we paid at the restaurant(not sure if this is only done if you pay by card through the website?).
- Sophia Christie

excellent food, terrible service
i ate here with my family, august 2011. excellent food, terrible of the waiters had a real attitude problem. he mockingly questioned or refused our requests like a surly teenager. we asked to keep 1 starter plate to have with the mains and he had a right strop, saying he wouldn't clear any of the plates away! another, friendlier waiter cleared them away eventually. then the table was running out of room anyway and we were asking him to put certain plates in front of the person who ordered them, as is normal, to which his response was "well if you made some room you could move the plates yourself'! now, we're not fussy or prim people but that was just outrageous! we had to ask him to apologise so we could get on with the meal. he grudgingly did, but it was not sincere.i also overheard him being aggressive to some takeaway customers that were waiting, so it wasn't just us.stay away if service means anything to you. i really hope the restaurant gets rid of this arrogant teenager of a waiter, as he is
- kim, kingston

Favourite takeaway

- Daniel Safdari

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