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244 Dudley Road, Birmingham, B18 4HN

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244 Dudley Road,
B18 4HN.

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Delievery was 2 hours late and the staff was so rude about it
- Jo Weir

Quality of food always great
Only issue I have is not arriving in slot stated in email
- Saima Ahmed Aziz

Didn't get what I asked for!
I specifically asked for my cookie dough to be over done and it was undercooked and very soggy. I told them about it and they didn't even offer to send another one.
- Latoya Deenah

Poor Service
I ordered a milkshake, cookie dough, bottle of coke and 3scoops of ice cream. I placed the order at 8pm, order did not show until 10pm!! Once the order arrived I noticed the bottle of coke was missing, so called and was told we would have to wait until we ordered again, I told them I wanted the drink I had paid for to be told I would have to wait another 2 hours!! Although the rest of the food was satisfactory, I do not think it is worth the money I paid, I will never order from here again as the service is poor
- Anonymous

Got my order wrong
I ordered a crepe, I have proof on the screenshot of 'my orders' yet I got a disgusting, cold waffle with ice cream that had melted. I rang and told them I ordered a crepe not a waffle and she was trying to give me attitude she then said it'd take 2 and a half hours to bring me a crepe. Baring in mind it was about 9:15, ridiculous stupid service and i don't get how you can get an order wrong if it blatantly states it. ANGRY.
- Morgan Brown

The delivery was very late . Hour late! The quality of the food was awful. So small for nearly 6 pounds. Other desert places it's so much bigger for cheaper. What a rob. Never ever ordering from here again.
- Anonymous

Lovely dessert only issue was the milkshake melted by the time it came Hassan the delivery man was very polite. Came on time too Would recommend
- Iram Rafaquat

The best
I've tried a lot of dessert shop but must say this is the best so far
- Jaswant Singh

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