3 Brighton Road, Selsdon, CR2 6EA

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3 Brighton Road,
CR2 6EA.

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Top quality Indian
Top quality ingredients, very tasty, a little more expensive on some things than other take-aways eg rice, side dishes, but well worth it for the quality
- Blanche Beavan

Fantastic food, but more of it, please.
The food was fantastic and was delivered at the time promised. My only minor quibble would be that the portions are smaller than one would come to expect from a takeaway service.
- Guy Burman

I can't recommend this restaurant enough. Everything we've tried tastes fantastic.
- Maureen Gore

Fantastic food fast and friendly
No complaints about the restaurant, we'll definitely be using this one again. Unfortunately, our address info didn't flow through to them correctly from the website & our food was slightly delayed as they called to confirm our address after trying to deliver it to the (wrong) address they'd received from curries online. Some slight tweaking of the website might be needed, but for the food & restaurant definitely 2 thumbs up.
- Jodie Wilson

excellent stuff
Fantastic - love it
- lauren

top notch
Delicious! One of the best Indian takeaways I've ever had and definitely my first choice from now on. Delivery was in good time. A professional service from start to finish. Can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a mouth watering experience.

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