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76 High Street, Musselburgh, EH21 7BX

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76 High Street,
EH21 7BX.

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Can't go wrong with Halimah
Halimah is one of the best Indian cuisine providers around! Simply delicious! You get your money's worth! All thumbs up!
- Philip O'steen

Looking for a delicious Indian meal? You found it!
We've moved to Musselburgh about a year ago and tried Halimah early on. Well, we've only ordered from Halimah since then because the food is absolutely delicious and the service is magnificent, too. Many Thanks, Halimah Team! Keep up the great work! :-)
- Philip O'steen

Go for it!!!
We keep on ordering from Halimah as it's one of the best Indian restaurants around! Friendly staff, prompt deliveries, scrumptious meals! Many Thanks!
- Philip O'steen

Halimah is by far one of the best Indian restaurants/takeaways in and around Edinburgh! We enjoyed a magnificent takeaway again yesterday. If you're looking for a delicious Indian meal, check out Halimah in Musselburgh. Bon appetit! :-)
- Philip O'steen

Don't hesitate!!!
Ordered takeaway last Friday again! It was a dream! If you're after a delicious Indian meal, don't hesitate to order from Halimah in Musselburgh. Yummy!
- Philip O'Steen

Smashed it!
Halimah in Musselburgh is terrific! So far, the deliveries have always been on time and the food is super delicious! Keep it up Halimah Team! Thank you!
- Philip O'Steen

Totally recommend Halimah!
Halimah is by far one of the best Indian restaurants/takeaways around! The whole family always looks forward to a takeaway with Halimah! Whether you've already enjoyed Indian cuisine before or you're new to it, Halimah will spoil your taste buds!
- Philip O'Steen

Magnificent As Always
Last night's delivery was a dream! Delicious sauces, starters and main course meals. The whole family was delighted! Halimah is by far one of the best or even the best Indian around Edinburgh! We're already looking forward to next time... and it won't be long! Many Thanks!
- Philip O'Steen

A Delight!
As usual, the food was exquisite and delivery great! Many Thanks Halimah! We're already looking forward to next time.
- Philip O'Steen

How odd?!
We keep on creating reviews for Halimah as it is one of Edinburgh's and surroundings finest Indian takeaways! We find it odd, that no one else is submitting any reviews. Halimah Team, please keep up the extremely delicious food and the on-time deliveries. Thank you!
- Philip O'Steen

Halimah provides magnificent takeaways! The food is wonderful, the deliveries always arrive on time and it's great value for money. We'll order again soon! Thank you Halimah!
- Philip O'Steen

We've been living in many parts of Edinburgh and ordered Indian takeaway, but Halimah is our favourite! The food is scrumptious, delivery prompt and good value for money. Can't wait for next time! Keep it up Halimah Team. Thank you! :-)
- Philip O'Steen

Magnificent as usual
We keep on ordering with Halimah as it's the best Indian around! The food is delicious. Deliveries arrive right on time or early. Thoroughly recommended! Thank you.
- Philip O'Steen

Simply Delicious
We've been trying different Indian takeaways all over Edinburgh, and we have to say that Halimah is one of the best! Even our boys (14 and 11 years old) enjoy the food from Halimah a lot. We're looking forward to our next order already. Thank you! :-)
- Philip O'Steen

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