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213 Brampton Road,
DA7 4SS.

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Still no sag paneer? All else lovely
Third time ordered and not received sag paneer! Please take off menu!
- Liz Mccormack

Order correct and tasty
Good food on time
- Liz Mccormack

Great but late . Last order b4 even later!
30 mins late though we know u r busy on Saturday nights
- Liz McCormack

Indica cooks a storm!
Really lovely food, especially mushroom baji. Chicken dupiaza great . Well cooked. All great flavours. Won't order from any where else. Thank you
- Liz McCormack

Very disappointed
Ordered food at 17.59 and arrived lukewarm at 22.00. The food was very greasy, the curries had separated and the bags the onion bhajis were in were soaked in grease. I have used them many times before but this was the worst experience I have ever had. Very disappointed.
- Carol Martin

Worst Takeaway Experience
2 hrs since our order, 9 unanswered calls later, they're rude (we were very calm, REALLY reasonable) & HUNG UP!!!nFood arrived via a taxi, with 1.7 poppadoms in 6 pieces for 8 people, stone cold food, 3 dishes missing, multiple rude phonecalls from them.
- Grace

Food good quality but needed warming up when delivered, one rice missing from order,
- Gill Kersey

- Gill Kersey

Delivered on time. Nice food
- Gill Kersey

Good value - but only warm
We love indicate - eat at the restaurant occasionally - food tasty but dissappointed that it was only just warm -ordered early for a 7.45 slot and arrived after 8- driver was not aware of time as first thought it was a charge then realised . Will use again but cautious now

Highly recommended
Food was spot on, hot, delicious and their tikka masala sauce is the best i have ever tasted. Delivery was slow at an hout and a quarter but there was rugby on the tv.
- Carol Martin

excellent food and service!ni almost live on takeaway food from a lot of different restaurants , so i can say this is one of the best !
- David Covill

Great food & Service!!
Food was delivered within half an hour! Was piping hot & taste fantastic - not a single piece left on the plate. Can't wait to order my next one :) and try also try the eat in restaurant!! :D
- Christopher Sayers

Great food, shame about the wait
We ordered for the first time from Indica and the food was really lovely, the best we've had from a takeaway. The only problem was the near two-hour wait for it to be delivered, which even for a Saturday night is pretty poor
- Julie

excellent food
we enjoyed a lovely tandoori takeaway .It is a shame that delivery doesn't start until 6.30.As we were eating earlier we had to collect.

Simply the best
Ordered for the second time in a week so was worried that the quality/service might not be so good. Needn't have worried; not a scrap was left and the three of us agreed the food was superb - I'd go as far to say that it was the best I've had from the Indica, either take-away or eat-in. Guess who my next order will be with? :-)
- Graeme Neale

The food was delivered on time, it was piping hot and the flavours were superb. Will definitely be ordering again.
- Graeme Neale

Back to their best
After a couple of poor efforts, this was the Indica back at its best.
- Graeme Neale

repeat custom
Always great food, delivered on time.
- Danny Whiting

Very impressed with Indica Restaurant, Bexleyheath. The food was outstanding, portion size: large enough to have shared with someone. Excellent quality, food very fresh. Amazing service, attentive as soon as we walked through the door, food virtually ready
- Jonathan Willis

Late Delivery
Maybe I am being fussy but the delivery was about 20 minutes late with no comment from the driver. The food was excellent though although the lamb was a little tough.
- Robert Hewitt

First Timer
Why have I been using my existing Indian Take-away for so long when the quality of the food from Indica was miles better. We will definitely be back in the future. Our old dishes were short of meat and swimming in highly coloured liquid. Our Passanda was delicious and the Onion Bhajis were so good.
- Robert Hewitt

A high quality restaurant/take away
We had takeaway/delivery from this restaurant and although the delivery was slightly later than requested it was worth waiting for. Food was hot .Delicious and the nicest lamb tikka masala I have had
- Carol Martin

Excellent Food
The food was delicious. It arrived a few minutes later than expected, but it was well worth waiting for.
- Cynthia Allen

Very disapppointed
After waiting 90 minutes I contacted the restaurant to be told the order was on its way. Instead of plain rice we received two pilau rices (which neither of us like), instead of a mushroom bhaji got a mushroom rice. The poppadums were cold and going soggy; my balti was only just warm. Because I have a stomach condition that requires me to take medication a prescribed time before eating, I couldn't afford to wait for the order to be corrected so we made do.I suppose you can't get excellent service every time, but to fall so far so quickly was a great disappointment.
- Graeme Neale

Another great curry from this restaurant. Food outstanding, plenty of it. Definitely recommend.
- Jonathan Willis

We ordered a Take-Away-Curry on line from Indica, Bexleyheath. Amazing food, more than we could eat! Very reasonable. Ready within 30mins! Would definitely recommend - Give it a try.
- Jonathan Willis

Brilliant food
As ever, the food was brilliant (except that the poppadums weren't delivered).The only problem was with the delivery - it was half an hour early! This makes life awkward since I am on medication that I have to take 30 minutes before eating.
- Graeme Neale

Having told ourselves we'd cut down on take-aways after the Xmas
- Graeme Neale

Good food, Great service
Used Indica takeaway for the first time, having promised ourselves a sit down meal at some stage. We were not disappointed. Delivery was much quicker than advertised, the portions were as you'd expect to find elsewhere (ie good value ) and the taste was great - no complaints. We'll definitely use this one again.
- Michael Harvey

Best start to 2013
Quality food, delivered on time (in fact, early) and plenty of it. What more can I say?
- Graeme Neale

Good quality food for a takeaway but quite expensive
Was pleasantly surprised how nice and authentic the food, excellent quality for a takeaway but is quite expensive was £24 for two of us with 10% off. Will use again... I surpose you get what you paid for !
- Liza Smith

Another winner
The Indica's delivery service means eating in is like eating out. Getting over some dentsal work, I didn't feel like going out so ordered on-line. Delivery was about 15 minutes before the advised time - not a problem :-) - and the food, as ever, was absolutely brilliant; we didn't waste a thing. Keep up the good work!
- Graeme Neale

The best yet
The Indica goes from strength to strength. Balti meals I have tried at other restaurants have always been far too salty; the King Prawn Balti from The Indica was superb - full of King Prawns and flavour. My wife said her King Prawn Dhansak was the best she'd eaten. Guess what we'll be having next time :-)Our order was even delivered 15 minutes earlier than predicted; how's that for service!
- Graeme Neale

Highly Recommended
A delicious take away delivered on time. Arrived hot. Decent sized portions, a highly recommended indian restaurant
- Carol Martin

Excelent Food and great value.
Excellent service, excellent food reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Brilliant to hear that they deliver!
- Robert

Best one yet
Despite our previous order being delivered 20 minutes after the advised time, we ordered again and are glad that we did. My wife, daughter and I all think that this was the best curry we've ever had - eat-in or takeaway. The only disappointment was that, again, the voucher code wasn't accepted.
- Graeme Neale

great food
Second time of ordering online, both times the food has arrived in good time and hot!. the food was delicious and went down a treat... have no issues using this service and resturant time and again
- Danny Whiting

Another great meal
Brilliant food and service. Everything you want, and in the comfort of your own home.
- Graeme Neale

Brilliant - again
The second time we've ordered on-line and the second time we've had an excellent meal. Cannot fault the service or the quality of the food. Will definitely be ordering again.
- Graeme Neale

As good as always
I always use Indica as (compared to other) Indian restaurants/takeaways the food is flavourful. Very tasty and again - they didn't disappoint.
- Liz Scott

Great all round!
Really great food compared to other Indian restaurants I have been too. The service was great, all arrived hot and on the earliest expected time! £30 all in for 3 and more than enough.Will be ordering again soon!
- James Atkins

Food turned up bang on time and was lovely as always!
- Caraid O\\\'Grady

Disappointed Expensive bad food
Compared to nearly any Indian in the area this one seems more expensive. The food was definatly missing the mark with lack of flavour especially the sauces which seemed to miss any punch. Bland tasting all round. The atmosphere was good they were fairly busy and it seemed clean and well presented. However as the food was not good we will not be going back. My partner did comment that her Masala dish was the worst she had EVER tasted.
- E Cummins

Indica Restaurant
The service was very good and was delivered on time. The food was absolutely delicious and there was so much of it that we are having the remainder today. Great value for money
- Ctynthia Ward

Fantastic food and plenty of it!
Really impressed with both CurriesOnline and Indica, Bexleyheath.There was LOTS of meat in the meat dishes (other places have a few pieces of meat and over portion the sauce).The flavours were beautiful and the menu descriptions were great to assist in being adventurous with the choices of food to have.I collected my order and the staff were very welcoming and friendly. I shall be booking a table to dine in, but in the meantime really recommend Indica.
- Nicola Roberts

Just as expected
We have eaten at Indica in house before and always found the food to be of excellent quality.The take-away service is just as good.Delivered when expected and excellent quality.We would definitely use them again.
- Mick Etherington

Nice food
Really nice food at a great price
- Chac Cun

Great Meal
Had a fantastic take away from here. I have never liked indian take aways as I don't think they taste the same as eating in, but this place is amazing and beats all other places. Had to wait 5 mins over our pick up time but the food was still pipping hot when we got it home (10 mins drive away). I am happy to wait for hot food rather than picking up something warm that has been sitting around. I wouldn't hesitate to use this place again or recommend to anyone. Portions are a good size and prices are extremely fair (and that is before the offers they do).
- Harriette Eden

the curry tasted nice althoughh it was later than i had requested by nearly half an hour, i was just a bit concerned and so left most of the sag aloo as the potatoes looked black
- Fiona Kemp

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