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18a Vansittart Estate,
SL4 1SE.

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Tasty food
The food took a while to arrive but it was tasty. I'd put a note on my order to say don't make it too oily and they listened as it wasn't oily at all.I'd order from here again.
- Taj Mankoo

first time ordering online, usually we just call. Good Food as always.
- Mark Todd

Late food
My order Sunday took at least an hour and a half to arrive. With the bad weather and it being a Sunday this was understandable. However the food was cold and to a poor standard. In the past I have had amazing food from Josh and possibly the best lamb jalfrazi ever. Yesterday did not live up to expectation, the veg in the veg curry was non existent and had a strange taste and the lamb biryani was chewy. Even the mango chutney was off!
- Annie Ellis

Really surprised
Our order came well on time and was hot and really delicious. Was a bit disappointed that the vegetable korma was made from mixed frozen veg and not fresh and that the barjis were a teeny bit burned but otherwise it was great. Thank you.
- Judi Thomas

Fabulous Josh!
Excellent, tasty Indian food, delivered hot and fast. Always a pleasure to choose from their diverse menu.
- Trudy Lowe

Speedy delivery and great food
Great value and very tasty food. Delivery was speedy
- Natalie Long

Meal for one
My food was delivered on time and there was huge amounts of it for one person. Good value as really there was enough for two!
- Julie Smart

Delivery order of over 55 pound
We ordered a meal for us and the family. The value was over £55. When the food arrived we noticed our rice was missing and chapati (this is not the first time we have had food missing off our order.) I called to request they send our missing items out as this is an important part of the meal, the operator agreed after a debate and stated it will be Half hour. Upon waiting an Hour I called to request an ETA, he stated the food would not be delivered and offered 50% discount on our next order. This is a nice gesture and I will take them up on this offer as the food is always good, but due to the missing items and waiting we did not sit down and eat until 2.5 hours later. But when you spend a lot of money, I would expect a better service and communication as we have been a long serving customer. If this happens again we will have to go else where. I would like to point out the delivery guy is always polite, and staff, but just need improvement on checking orders before they leave the kitchen. Food 5/5 S
- Dean Dixon

Great takeaway
Very tasty and impressed they phoned to check about my but allergy thanks :)
- Miss Mills

Excellent food, excellent service
Food was lovely and delivered in less than 30 mins
- Ian Jump

Impossible to find
Took me 15 minutes driving round the same dark. dreary trading estate before finally discovered this hovel . Tried calling on both numbers for 15 minutes - constantly engaged . Sat nav no help . When got through took 2 guys effort to understand their own surroundings- I was next to one of their neighbours and they didn't even know. Worst of all didn't get any discount - not even a free popadom ! Just 'sorry - there's your food' Food was good but omg not worth the hassle and extra petrol usage !

Rosh curry
Got myself a chicken tikka masala which was a little bit runny for me. However the chicken chunks were moist and full of flavour which I've not had in a curry for a long time. The sause needed to be thicker it was to runny for me which is a shame because it let down Nahn bread was small the rice was done to Perfection which let's be honest it should be really. I would give it a 5/10
- Stephen Scanlon

Great hidden gem of a curry house
Very Good value for money and great curry house, just a little difficult to find for collection
- Mark Johnston

Top food.
Food from josh is always great. Never had a bad meal.
- Graham Warren

Windsor Indian takeaway
A favourite Indian takeaway/delivery in Windsor - usually super prompt delivery.
- Peter Knowles

Took an hour to arrive; food was disappointing.
- charles Nicholls

Over cooked
Not overly tasty. Felt very over cooked
- Mike Collier

Take away
Bombay potatoes could be spice Onion bajai excellent Naan good Birani good Tikaka excellent
- Chris Barron

it was good but a little cold. the rice was really cold but all was edible
- Richard Gale

Not as good as used to be
After 1 hour phoned to ask how long? Arrived 15 minutes later. A bit cold and not such a good standard as it has been in past.
- samantha knight

Good food
Good and tasty food delivered on time. Worth using
- Deborah Smirfitt

Poor quality
I have ordered food from Josh before and have been very happy with it but this time the curries were really poor quality. The lamb was as tough as old boots and was completley inedible. Very disappointed.
- Rebecca

Best Indian In Windsor
Always quality food, deliver in the time frame and worth the price
- katie price

Prompt, hot and very tasty. Thank you
- Victoria Robinson

Brilliant service and always pretty good.
- Richard Gale

Thank you we enjoyed it very much!
- Charlie

excellent food
There is a wait but I would rather that and have freshly cooked than reheated and shorter time.
- Richard Gale

Great food, shame about the wait
Make sure that you pre-order during busy periods. The only fault I could find with Josh was that it took a very long time to arrive during the busy period on a Friday night, Due to popular demand I guess!
- Ben McGeachie

Always use josh and will continue! Great food.
- Sophia Pasa

I order the set meal for one which is massive. Easily does 2 people so it's great value for money. Ordered the food for 6.45 and it turned up at 6 which was my only compliant.
- danielle thripp

Josh very time
Great curry for under ten pounds a head including delivery
- Laura

Lovely dinner
The online process was very easy to follow and the meal arrived promptly. And it was as always very good.
- Vibbi Bruggert

Good food, service not really
On Saturday after wb order and told them via the comment we had a voucher. It had not been discounted. Also one dish missing ended up delivered after an hour and half so one person ate alone. Food good though.
- Marco Bisegna

good food but varying portion sizes
We used to order regularly from here as the food is great. The portion sugars however change with every order. One time it is fine the next and the container is only a quarter full. On questioning them, the response was very rude and took me half an hour in the phone to either get a refund or get a replacement. If you're willing to take that risk you'll find the food very tasty
- Harleen

Lovely food
First time on a Saturday night. Lovely food delivered on time. We will definitely go for it again.
- Marco Bisegna

Delish! Quick delivery!
We ordered a variety of dishes for the first time and the delivery man was quick and cheerful! Great value for money and portion sizes. Thanks Josh!! You're our new local!
- Nicole Caton

Nice, but quite saucy
Hight ratio of sauce to meat. Not very spicy. Dhansak was a bit sweet.
- Paul

Very tasty meal. Delivered on time. Thank you
- Victoria Robinson

Arrived quite quickly but missing some items.
Food was delivered quite quickly but the delivery was missing a couple of items. We rang the take-away restaurant & they corrected the order very quickly without any issue & apologised.
- Max Walker

Speedy delivery, lovely lamb shank
Food arrived quickly considering it was Saturday night. Very tasty and was piping hot. Maybe a little too salty and oily though.
- Bradley

Excellent as usual
Great meal. Hot in more ways than one!!
- Gordon Robertson

Excellent all round!
Food was awesome, naan bread and roti was still warm and soft and specially wrapped. Jalfrezi was very tasty. Highly recommend Josh!
- Kulminder Nagra

Great food, fast service
Ordering from Josh was very straightforward and the prices are very competitive.nWe prefer our food on the spicier side and it delivered, packed with lots of flavour and perfect heat.nFood was good standard and arrived very quickly.nHighly recommend
- Brian

Best in area
Great for value, flavour, delivery & service.
- katie price

Best in Windsor!
As we all are aware it's hard to find a good indian takeaway.. At last we have found one the food is excellent! Hot on arrival and at a good price. We are about to place our 5th order.. Don't go anywhere else until you have tried this place.
- Sam Carter

Meal was absolutely delicious and great value for money.
- L Biddulph-Dunlop

Great curry
Very good meal. Food arrived in good time and was fresh and nice and hot. nnWill order again.
- paul raymond

Great Takeaway!
It's hard to find a decent Indian but at last we have found one! We will be back again!
- Sam Carter

Always Good small But
The Food is always hot and good very enjoyable but several times including this last time the drinks order has been wrong worth checking before driver goes
- Paul Oliver

Good food straight to your door
Easy to order, delivered on time and good food - can't ask for more
- Caron Moss

great tasting Indian delivered on time
Very impressed with the food I will definitely order again, delivered on time and reasonably priced. Well done Josh!
- Lloyd Moloney

overall okay
nice food, good price but forgot a item ordered
- Ryan

Good Food arrived later than expected
- Sharon Yardley

The best indian takeaway in Windsor
Fantastic food. I loved it and my children loved it. Can recommend the tandoori king prawn and butter chicken enough
- Rachel Smith,

Always good from Josh!
Love the 4 onion Bhajis and very rich Masala sauce. Was more orange than usual, I prefer it a deep red but that's just me lol.
- Adam Cox

Great service and food very good. Will use again.
- Russ Wicks

Josh take away
Onion barges were very crispy/over cooked and cold. Chicken in the tikka masala was quite dry. Was told it would be 45-60 mins delivery, after a phone call 75 minutes later it arrived after a further 10 mins! Not very impressed!
- Chantal Hankin

Excellent food, delivered quickly, good overall service.
Excellent food, delivered quickly, good overall service.
- Nigel Porter

Speedy delivery of hot, delicious food
Great selection of vegetarian food (we are veggies!) and good portion sizes. We will use Josh Indian Takeaway again!
- Nina Skorupska

Cheap and cheerful
I originally ordered scallops as a starter but a gentleman from Curries Online called within seconds of placing my order to inform me that the restaurant did not have any and would I like to order something else. I did in fact order the King prawn starter instead. Our meal arrived quickly, but was luke warm. One of the starters was missing and when I called to enquire about this I was told to double check as the packer was certain he put it in, (a little patronising and made me feel like some sort of criminal!) However, when pressed they did admit to the starter still being there. It was delivered very quickly, with 2 complimentary pappadums but was cold on arrival. The pappadums and mint sauce was very nice indeed. The King prawn starter and chicken tikka were plentiful although a little lacking in flavour. The murgi mossala was again plentiful as was the rice. I feel we definitely had good value for money but the food was nothing special.
- Laura Smith

best restaurant food ever
delicious food with reasonable price.. vegetarian dishes could be spicy rather than sweet but overall it was really nice. had such a nice food after ages.. will definitely go for it again
- harpreet

Usual high standard
Usual high standard of food, and expected delivery/service...will keep using...
- Jason Stone

Same reliable Josh takeaway
Always good, always reliable... Great food, good prices, reliable delivery
- Jason Stone

This was overall an enjoyable meal. Two things I would improve are the onion salad, (the pieces are much too big) and the sauce with the tikka massala was very watery. The general taste of the meal however was very pleasant. Also the delivery person didn't know I had already paid for my meal online and therefore involed an embarrasing moment on the doorstep while he phoned his manager. I would however order from here again. Thank you.
- Laura Smith

Excellent food, great value
Usual excellent food from Josh..arrived in time and great value as always
- Jason Stone

Fantastic Indian food have ordered from this takeaway before and it never disappoints. YUM!
- Emma Shurben

Consistently good!
As usual, absolutely get what you expect from the Josh...great food, and reliable service!
- Jason Stone

Quick delivery, less than 30 minutes. Brilliant value and great portion sizes. Will definitely use again (and again).
- Malcolm Osborn

Josh performs again!
First time I've used but know the takeaway well. As usual great food, reasonably priced and delivered close to suggested time. Happy customer!
- Jason Stone

very quick , very good
- Brian Austin

great food
i always order food from josh great service and great taste. absolutely great food
- rahe

Unwelcome items in curry
The meal arrived very quickly and all appeared fine(have used Josh before and no problems)we found some hard items in the curry(the size of a 50p) which nearly broke my tooth and they looked like the shell of something. I rang Josh and was told it was the shell of some flavouring (lemon or Lime) .The bits should not have been there.Full apologies and offer of reduction on next order.Dont know if will use again.
- Brian Austin

Food arrived hot and promp!!!
- Roland Skelton

sloppy tikka massala and butter chicken, not brilliant
some dishes were fine, but others were really disappointing, thin boring sauce, too much coconut. Not good enough.
- Louise Toulorge

Good food, quick delivery
Will use again
- Louise Toulorge

Great food
Again very happy :)
- Catriona Melton

excellent food delivered on time
Our second takeaway from Josh, lovely food and great value.
- lucy Tebbit

Great service!
Fantastic food, easy to order and delivered when requested! Great!
- Catriona Melton

Fantastic food!! Easy to order and all correct.
Lovely curry will be using again.
- Lucy Tebbit

Chicken Madras
The chichen madras sauce seems to seperate, leaving a pool of water on the plate
- Roland Skelton

excellent again

- Steve Diggines

alwaysa great service and fantastically helpful staff

- Alison Barker

Great service
will be using this again, so easy to order online, no mistakes and delivered early.
- Paula Wiginton

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