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290 North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BN

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290 North Road,
CF14 3BN.

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Good food. Still struggle to find my house
Good food. Still struggle to find my house
- Anonymous

Not cheap but very tasty
Great food as always, one of, if not, the best indian takeaway.
- jane farleigh

Best curry in Cardiff
We had 4 dishes two of which were the Citrus Lamb which are delicious and worth a try.
- Steve Goodwin

Not the usual standard
Delivery time was an hour then immediately received a message saying it would be up to half hour later and then it was delivered fifteen minutes after that. Food was also a bit greasy and not very hot. Normally it's good.
- Paul Edwards

Good service
Most of the food was lovely but tandoori fish was a little too salty and we did not receive our rice! Other than that, it was a nice takeaway.
- Rachel Ashworth

Great delivery service
Arrived within 30 minutes - piping hot - great!
- Huw Wilcox

Nice food quick delivery from a lovely delivery driver,great service
- Claire Clarke

Delivery time
Took a long time to deliver (but we knew that) large portion however not overflowing with chicken
- Brian Dews

Hot chicken puri was fab
Not much chicken in the tikka masala, juboraj chicken curry was really oily & I had to skim loads off. All tastedlovely though.
- Angie Peddie

Took ages and not fresh
Took an hour and a half for delivery. When we contacted the restaurant we got shoved off with "it'll be 5 mins" with no consideration of how long we've waited. When the food eventually arrived it was not particularly fresh and felt like it'd been sat around a long time. My peshwari naan was sent as a plain naan but by his point we couldn't be bothered to say anything. Overall disappointing meal from Juboraj as they're normally our go to place for a really good Indian takeaway.
- Ella Morgan

Great food
Great food on time at a good price
- Lee Saxby

Delicious and speedy
Really tasty food as always
- Dominic Roche

Ok food but delivery times annoying
I received 2 notifications saying that the food would be delayed by up to an hour. It actually arrived at it's original time.
- Matt Turner

Without a doubt one of the best restaurants. The quality of food is great! I ve always enjoyed the meal. The delivery has never been a let down! Overall a very well established and run business! Thank you.
- Veronika Hurley

Much improved
Much better this week, food turned up early, was lovely and hot and tasted great. Back to normal which is great thanks
- neil harris

Mostly satisfied
Whilst the curry and mixed starter were excellent, just felt the let down by the breads and popadoms soft and cold, probably lying around prior to delivery.
- martin lake

Always a great eat
The food from the Juberaj North Road is always spot on whoever dish we have. The Bhuna especially. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Zoe Church

Took a lot longer than initially told - over 1.5hrs
Food took far to long to arrive, it was cold when I got here and not nearly as nice as normal.All in all not the best experience, let's hope it's a blip!
- neil harris

Good service
The order arrived promptly, though missing some naan. After calling them, with no arguments they sent someone immediately to deliver the missing naan. I appreciated that.
- Jonathan Ben-Artzi

Curry from junoraj
I absolutely love the juboraj but last night it was a absolutely disgusting. Food turned up an hour and a half after ordering and was so cold!! Was horrible And juboraj is usually amazing.
- Rochelle Theaker

Excellent as usual
Very tasty, quick delivery for a Saturday.
- Dominic Roche

Food arrived cold,needed to be reheated ,naan bread was burnt and charcoaled ,binned.
- Caroline Fletcher

Best takeaway curry, mushroom rice and garlic naan I've tasted.
- Peter Chetnik

Impressed with Juboraj Express
We ordered from the Juboraj Express last night and enjoyed our meal. From ordering to receiving the meal it took about 55 minutes. They had emailed that it may take longer so we were impressed with the delivery speed. We had Lamb Rogon and Saag Paneer as well as other sundries. It all tasted rather nice so would recommend
- david salter

The meal arrive half hour later than the estimated time. This was over 2 hours after I originally ordered it. The King Prawn Butterfly was bland, cold and like rubber. It was covered in the paxo type breadcrumbs and just not worth the over £5 price for it. The lamb pasanda was tepid, slices of lamb, not chunks and a mediocre sauce. The Special Biriani was anything but special, because it took so long to get here (and I called them to check where it was) the omelette on top was like rubber, (the dogs were grateful) and the spices were raw tasting. The only positive was the delivery driver, he apologised for it being late, and was polite and decent. I will not be going there again, this cost £27 for one starter, a Biriani and a lamb pasanda. A charge of £1.50 for paypal as well just takes the biscuit really.

Easy to use
Easy to order via the Internet.Arrived on time, driver has wrong house number but a quick phone call rectified this.Food was tasty.Some free dips/chutneys would have been nice and brought the cost down.Otherwise very good
- Simon Ashley

Very nice meal
I cant say much more, it was OK, it didn't knock my socks off and I am still looking for that great local indian but it was nice. I will keep trying though. The portions were very good and the rice excellent, the madras had the heat but lacked flavour a tad and the potatoe bombay tasted like tinned potatoes but the sauce was nice. Delivery due at 2000hrs and arrived at 20:40hrs. Overall nice
- Tracey Sloman

First Class Curry
First class service. First class packaging. First class food. We will be back for more.
- Martin Lake

Best of the lot!
Excellent in all aspects, worth a few extrapennies.

Excellent service
The food was delicious, tasty without being too hot. The Tikka trout fell off the bone, wonderful. Great packaging, the delivery box kept everything hot and in one piece. I liked the fact that you can choose your time slot for delivery but Juboraj Express must get with the times and offer online payment by card.
- Sian

Really impressed
The food was delicious but i was really pleased with the packaging and the presentation, not soggy little brown bags drenched in oil, fantastic
- Susan

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