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127 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, N8 9BJ

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127 Tottenham Lane,
Crouch End,
N8 9BJ.

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tandoori chicken
excellent food although the tandoori chicken has gotten very small over the years. Too small hence not value for money. thank you
- conrad

Very Good Food!
We order a lot of food and it was very tasty and good value for the money
- Rupda Ji

Fast, good value, but not sensational
Food came very quickly; menu has all the obvious "English Indian" classic favourites. I would categorise the dishes as much more than adequate and workmanlike but not sensational. On the other hand the prices are pretty reasonable. I recommend for anyone wanting a basic reliable Indian take-away; but if it is a special occasion - look a little further (and perhaps be prepared to pay a little more)
- Peter Sommer

Excellent service; delivered early(!), great value, delicious food. Will definitely eat from here again. Happy curry times.
- Vicci Parker

Greta Curry
We have been getting deliveries from Karahi King for many years, they never disappoint, food is always delicious and on time
- Claudine de Montule

Kahari King
Everything tasted sweet. Didn't seem authentic. Won't be ordering from here again.
- Catrina Moore

Very nice curry
Best chicken tikka masala
- Dave

Very pleased
Prompt delivery, better than average food, even bunged in an extra bottle of beer. Happily use them again
- richard colbey

The best Indian takeaway I've ever ordered. Fresh, authentic, delicious and piping hot! Delivered on time and with a smile. Great value for money. A very happy customer!
- Elizabeth Victor

best curry in crouchend
verry good curry
- alan

great curry
excellent food and service highly recommended
- bob

no 1
it is fast nic food
- jhon

verry nice
best curry
- ravi

it is grate
verry nice
- alan

Worst curry i have ever had
It was beyond inedible. The naan was black, really burnt. The korma had no taste at all, apart from the prawns which tasted frozen and not fresh. And the pilau rice tasted like soap water. Really disappointing. I could not eat any of it.
- Lydia Rimmer-Lockett

fast and good
yam yam
- alan

Not bad
I placed an order for a keema naan, one regular naan, lamb vindaloo and poppadom. The keema naan wasn't the best I've had, it was a little stingy on the meat. The regular naan was your bog standard naan, nothing to go wrong there. The vindaloo was seriously hot. They are not kidding when they say it is spicy. It was the hottest vindaloo I have ever had. I enjoyed it but I felt it had more potatoes than pieces of meat so overall I give 2 for value and food quality. They were quick in delivering, they delivered in 30 minutes. I give them a 2 for service as I requested a missed call from the driver when he arrived but he didn't do so. He also didn't have enough change.
- Zafirah Minhas

As I write this I am still waiting for my curry, I ordered it 90 minutes ago and got a call 5 minutes ago saying he was outside but which flat. I don't live in a flat! The delivery guy was on completely the wrong street but some how had the right post code!To make sure it wasn't my error I checked my Curries online confirmation, The address was correct, AVOID THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT FOOD FAST!!
- Sunil Mistry

not a satisfying experience
I ordered tika massala and got something else I still do not know what it is. We found the food bland and dry. Most sauces tasted the same. Will never order from them again.
- Helena Cohen

I will may try something else next time
no comments
- Priti Juthani

ordered lamb bhuna,pieces were cut i such small pieces it seemed like minced meat
ordered lamb bhuna,pieces were cut i such small pieces it seemed like minced meat
- Y Samee

great value will definitley order from them again

- Nadia Firth

great value will definitley order from them again

- Nadia Firth

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