Lewsey Spice Tandoori

29 High Street, Dunstable, LU6 3RZ

29 High Street,
LU6 3RZ.

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This place has changed ownership I have used it for the past 10 yrs now the chef has gone it's rubbish
- Anonymous

Recommended to everyone!
Delicious food and great value for money, I have recommended Lewsey Spice Tandoori to loads of people! I've personally only ordered twice from here but was very impressed both times, and have been thanked multiple times for the recommendation.
- Maria Long

Superb as always
Love Lewsey Spice. Best Indian takeaway in Dunstable by miles.
- David Healy

Great food delivered quick too.
The food was very tasty. The curry servings were of a good size. The service was great. I think that the food was of good value for money.
- Anand Sule

Just awful tatse
Late delivery but polite del man. veg biryani and rice good but the veg curry completely tasteless. Few bits of possible potato and the sauce was just an orange nothing.
- molly wickham

Fish Dishes - Yum
We are ordering more Fish dishes as they seem to be great. On time with delivery - always piping hot!May have to start pushing the boat and try asking if they can produce different dishes instead of what is on the menu - create a challenge so I can leave a different response for a change haha.
- Conah Snuggs

Lovely as alway!!
Great tasting food. Gone off slightly on the butter chicken. Think that is due to different taste. Love everything else we eat from you.I think the bottle of cokes are becoming smaller in size. (just me being picky)Will still continue to order from you guys.... love it!!
- Conah Snuggs

Always on top
Great as always thanks! Tried the fish curry this time. Amazing.
- Conah Snuggs

Great as always!
Always receive the food hot and tastes great! :-)
- Conah Snuggs

Good food at a great price.
It was my first time ordering from Lewsey Spice Tandoori and I was very impressed with the food and the price was great value. I will certainly order again!
- James Morrison

Always great!
Well I review each time we order and yet still the service remains at a high level.Thanks :-)
- Conah Snuggs

Well.... Consistently Great!
If i am perfectly honest, it seems the smaller orders are usually the hottest and tastiest. However this order placed was a fairly large one and arrived very hot and tasty. (Even with all the road works in the area) Can't really complain with this company. Good work and please keep it up :-)
- Conah Snuggs

Amazing....As ALWAYS!
Can never complain with the meals.... tasty prompt and even the delivery guys talk to you and not just drop the food and leg it.... nThanks! :)
- Conah Snuggs

Food very salty naan flat and on tast
- Barry Abrahams

Always order from them.
Lovely food, good service and great value. They always chuck in a freebie if your a loyal customer. Will order again from them.
- Michelle Byrne

All good
On time , good portion size very tasty thanks
- Paul Woodroffe

Spot ON!
Never tight with their food, always plenty and delivery time good! Thanks again, many more orders coming your way!! :-D
- Conah Snuggs

Veg was not so good, chicken curry was nice. Bhindi was not tender.
Ordered lime pickle, but it didnt turned up. Not sure how did this happened.nover all quality of food was nice, it was piping hot when it was delivered.nI was expecting 15% discount on the order but no joy.
- R

Never had a problem, nice delivery drivers, great food, service etc.nOnly thing i would comment on is the quality of the lamb, is usually very tough, but all in all... GREAT!nnThanks :-)
- Conah Snuggs

Great food
The food was great as normal but a 2 hour wait with no call to say it was going to take that long. Not what I have come to expect.
- David Ilett

Excellent curries
Placed order - delivered in no time - the food was excellent good sized portions great flavour overall excellent well worth ordering as you won't be dissapointed A1
- Michelle

Beautiful food enjoyed it loads
- leeanne bryjka

not great
one dish was missing completely and one was different than ordered
- Dariusz Szczepaniak

Great as Always! :-)
The lamb was a little chewy and grislynbut was stilln Great food nGreat servicenGreat value for moneynAs always will deffo order again
- Conah Snuggs

Great!! :-)
Lovely food as alwaysnThank you :-)
- Conah Snuggs

Great stuff!
Ordered online at 8:24, food was ready at 8:44. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service was excellent. We will be using this again.
- Becky Barter

Great service lovely food
Very good portions and very very tasty. They also threw in a bottle of cobra and two extra poppadums. The man who delivered was friendly and cheery and it arrived quicker than they estimated.
- Michael Belgrave

nice curry
A nice curry, enjoyed it very much will be visiting again.
- Mohammed Ali

Love it - Love it - Love it
We have used this takeaway many times and the food is always excellent as is the service, price and delivery time. We used to live about half a mile from Lewsey Spice and moved to the other side of Dunstable about 2 months ago. We have tried a couple of Indian Takeaways in our new area but they are no-where near as nice. Hence, our dinner last night came from Lewsey Spice and it was lovely - Thanks for the FREE coke too :) - We'll be calling again soon.
- Dawn

Best Take Away Near to Houghton Regis/Dunstable
I've used this take away for many years now and have failed to find another that is so reasonably priced with good portions and good quality in this area. :)
- M

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