Lilo Grill House

72-74 City Rd, Roath, CF24 3DD

72-74 City Rd,
CF24 3DD.

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The food was cold when it got here, we were told each time that it would be 10 minutes when in fact it took 2 and a half hours to come. Ridiculous! The driver tried taking more than he was owed. Definitely will not bee eating from here again
- Anonymous

Good food
Love the lamb ribs
- Jeremy Williamson

Awful service
We arrived at the restaurant and they had not even received our we had to order our food again in the restaurant! After waiting there over half an hour we discovered that the man that had taken our order hadn't even given it to the chef! So after sitting there waiting for our food for over an hour and telling them 3 times the order we finally had our food only to discover that they had forgotten to make one of the meals and when they were told offered to make us a completely different meal! Absolulty awful customer service, never got to try the food as we had the money back and took our business else where! Will never use the place again.
- kirsty cornock

Quick and tasty
- Jeremy Williamson

2 hours late
The food was 2 hours late. I ordered at 6:45 was told it would arrive at 7:45 but it didn't get delivered until 9:30. It was cold and I had to reheat it all. The food tasted lovely but I would never order delivery again.
- Gemma Murray

Great food !!
Excellent service. There was some confusion as Kukd had not passed over the requested collection time and Lilo had to recook. Chicken was beautifully done and loved the grilled vegetables.
- Renu Singh

Take awy
No bread and very few chips.. Maybe we ordered wrong, but I remember bread coming with it and I ordered chips for two meals and hardly had any
- Zoe Bacon

Food Was Delicious
Have ordered from here often but never through Kukd. The food is always amazing and really good value. I genuinely have no issues with that.However, we arrived at the restaurant at 20.15 after the email confirmation from kukd stated the order would be ready at 20.11. When my brother went into the restaurant he was told that they had only received the order a couple of minutes before so they were just making it up and we left the restaurant at 20.42 with the order. It was almost pointless ordering online and may as well just have gone there and ordered the food and waited. I'm not sure if this is the fault of kukd or the restaurant but either way it was not good service. Sorry to put a downer on what would have otherwise been an exceptional review.
- Alexis Hare

Rude staff
Driver came And asked for cash payment even if the order was already paid for. When my missues told him it'a already paid for and that he should check first he started shouting and swearing at her. I had to come out and he was doing the same thing with me. Not what you expect from a delivery driver when you order food. Really poor customer service. Food was ok but what is the point in having good food if a women has to be sworn at for it???
- Andrei Rascanu

Book a table dont bother with a takeaway
I go to Lilo quite often and never have a problem with my food or service in the restaurant it's usually pretty goodSame can't be said for take away orders. My order was 1hour 15 min late and after calling the restaurant after half hour they told me it was 5 min away. I had a mixed Shawarma which was basically chicken one with a slice of lamb on the side. Very disappointed in all. I'll stick to going in in future
- Tom Carter

Not good this time
I love a LILO normally, however this time delivery was 1hr 30min after advised delivery time.The guy on the phone in tre restaurant brushed me off 3 times and only called the driver on the 4th time of me calling.Will def have again but will collect in the future
- James Campbell

Disgraceful. 2.5 hour wait and lied to.
Rang three times and waiter told me it would be with me 5 minutes every time. Over 2.5 hours later the delivery turned up. Didn't want the food anymore as it would have been cold and was too hungry so ate something else. The quoted arrival time was 20:45. It arrived at 22:05... Worst customer service.
- Adam Yaziji

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