Methi Indian Cusine

14-18 Bridge Street, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1AL

14-18 Bridge Street,
Leighton Buzzard,
LU7 1AL.

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Good people, good food
Efficient, timely and tasty.
- Peter Mcleod

Best curry in Leighton Buzzard
- Jason Bradbrook

Great food and arrived piping hot
- Alan Everitt

Methi Review
Kukd system worked well - food was excellent - all round very good experience.
- David Bligh

Fast delivery
Excellent service, recommended
- Ivan Stewart

Small potions
Small portions even the rice was a lot smaller than normal. Starter was nice but could of be cooked a little longer. Main course was just onions
- Lee Richards

Too early
Food was good but arrived a hour before the time we'd asked. ( 7.45 - 8.00 )Had to leave some of it keeping hot in the oven for the family members who were coming home at the time it should have been delivered
- Kevin Smith

Best curry in town
Best tasting curry about. Fast delivery and always great service
- Jacob Bixley

another good takeaway meal
Once again Methi came up with good consistent food and it was ready to collect on time. What more could you ask for?
- Geoffrey Culverhouse

Great food and delivered really quickly
- Ian Moss

Great restaurant
Large choice of food. Great service friendly
- VINCENT Lapworth

Great food, not great service
The order was delivered wrong; missing one of the rice dishes. Not a huge deal if sorted quickly but when I called they told me the driver was out and they seemed to have no interest in delivering my full order. No apologies - the customer service was really lacking! Not what I know Methi to be so very disappointing.
- Luke Hillard

another nice meal from Methi
Again the food from Methi was up to it's usual high standards. Online ordering makes life very simple and the food is always ready on time. Well done!
- Geoffrey Culverhouse

as reliable
Food was good as was the service - no problems at all. We will continue to use Methi
- Geoffrey Culverhouse

Another excellent service from Methi
The online booking is great, delivery is fast and the quality of the food is amazing! will be using the Methi again soon!
- rob laughton

Good reliable food
We have only just started using Methi having tried various Indian restaurants in Fenny Stratford all of which were disappointing. The food, service and ease of ordering online with Methi are all excellent and we will continue to use them in the future.
- Geoffrey Culverhouse

Amazing as always
The methi always makes amazing food and the service is impeccable. Couldn't recommend highly enough
- Rebecca Crossan

Have eaten here many times in the restaurant and the service has been excellent.. last night our takeaway bag was practically thrown at us.. very disappointed.. I won’t be returning
- Tracy Collins

Have eaten here many times in the restaurant and the service has been excellent.. last night our takeaway bag was practically thrown at us.. very disappointed.. I won’t be returning
- Tracy Collins

Warm food
We eat at Methi regularly but do not often get take away. We decided to try last night and was dissapointed. food arrived just warm which made the meal less enjoyable and feel poor value for money. We will not have a take away again.
- Chloe Collins

Lovely food
We had had a lovely meal in the restaurant, so on an evening we wanted a take away we decided to try Methi, same great food and quality as dining in.... yum!
- Marie Brown

not as good as before
food delivered on time but wasn't that hot and hubbys meal was very greasy. have had better from here
- jan pearson

Yummy as always!
- Mr Stamp

Best cuisine in LB
Excellent food, very tasty and definitely the best in Leighton Buzzard!
- Sam Kelman

I've had better from here
I thought my main course was oily. It said the sauce was thick but it wasn't. Never had the dish before, and don't think it should be like that. I liked how easy it was to order online
- The Black lion Brodin

Too spicy
Ordered mild curries for wife but way too hot!
- Gary Maxwell

Long wait
Normally order direct to methi, tried through kukd got a time of 55 mins wait then got an email saying it would be between 82-97 mins. Waited for 1 hr 34 mins before food arrived. I have used the direct method over many years and never waited as long as last night.
- Andrew Baxter

Hi You were recommended BUT; I ordered via the website & received an instance text back saying my order would be 15 minutes late - not a big issue. So I decided to pick up at my aloted time 7.45. The food was barely warm (7 minutes to home) We put the order in a hot oven to warm up - just as well did. Had I picked up at 8 it would have been stone cold. The taste of the food, when we had heated it all up was good. Jerry
- Jerry Keohane

Beat Indian in Leighton!
The food always arrives inside 45mins still hot and always tastes amazing
- Michael Gillman

Small portion
Food tastes really good but the portion size was very small!
- Sarah Mcteer

Best in Leighton buzzard
Good quality food as usual. We received an extra rice for some reason but not complaining!
- Paul Emerton

best takeaway in LB
Always first class.
- Darran McDermott

Excellent As Always
A delicious meal and probably the best takeaway we have ever had (and we have had a few over the years from different places).
- Jerry Enbtract

excellent food and service
- Darran McDermott

Excellent as usual.
- Darran McDermott

- Darran McDermott

great food and service
Once again great takeaway. Really easy to order, great service.
- kevin Amey

Great food and service
First time I've used this place and I will definitely be going back. I think I've found my new curry house!
- Damian Caine

Great food and great price
I ordered online for collection, my god was ready for collection on arrival and was hot when I got it home. Great food and great value for money!
- Nikki Dale

The popadoms were discusting, tasted like they were cooked in stale fat, couldn't eat them
- Louise Day

real tastyfood
enjoyed as usual to many onions but some people might like that
- roger penman

Waited nearly 2 hours for delivery
Delivery man was apologetic and food was great so compensated for the wait.
- Michele Carrozza

Great food
We had our first meal from the methi lastnight and we're delighted with the quality and taste of the food
- Peter Woods

watery,cold stodge!
My dish was split,had big watery pools on the surface,I'd say it was frozen food that was not defrosted and heated correctly.I don't expect preprepared food from an Indian restaurant I rang the manager,he refused to accept my comments,he offered another dish eventually. I asked for something completely different,from this he gleened I didn't appreciate the original dish for what it was. I will never use this restaurant again.
- Paul Sparks

quality of food
food was good to many onions but overall good food
- roger penman

Lemon salmon thou was a big disappointment
Not very nice lemon salmonEverything else great & they found us easily too
- Julie Stocker

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