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56 Tudor Street, Riverside, Cardiff, CF11 6AJ

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56 Tudor Street,
CF11 6AJ.

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Wow what a deal
Fantastic value. Excellent food.
- Brian Nicholls

The food was excellent as always however the system messed up the order and combined two together but the staff quickly rectified the order for me
- Lucia Cassidy

Doner Kebabs
The kebabs are the best we've ever had. Only criticism is the food doesnt arrive hot enough.

Didn't read/follow order correctly
Hi. My Chicken Doner and fries was covered in bbq sauce which to me was sweet and horrible, it should've had chilli and garlic, also had no chilli's in the salad. The others were great. I didn't complain as time was getting on and didn't want to wait for a replacement.
- Matt Allan

Absolutely horrific
I ordered food for 7.30 , it arrived late but understandable due to rugby. When I opened all the food up it was completely NOT what I ordered. Tomatoes all over the kebab which I'm allergic too. I contacted the shop and they were disgustingly rude telling me to "pick it off" and that they "cannot come and replace my order." Anyway after about 45 minutes of calling kukd (lovely people) and calling mr doner i had a phone call to politely saying that they will replace my order and can I restate what I wanted originally. This was fine i restated the order and in 30 minutes another man came with more food. He wouldn't give us the food until I showed him proof that our order was wrong which I think it's disgusting considering it was now nearing 9pm and I still had NOT eaten. And to top the whole thing off THE ORDER WAS WRONG AGAIN. Horrific service never order from there they are very rude people.
- Abby Brookman

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