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Great food quickly delivered
Our meal arrived in 25 mins on Saturday night at peak time and was as usual delish. Great value and very reliable.
- Niall Leonard

I'm a regular at mumbai2go and am never disappointed. The food is fresh and they package it to ensure it stays that way (sealed up). Great curry. Oh and I love their naans.
- Diego Brunot

First review
This was my first in two ways, one was the site, the other was the meal. i was very impressed with both, the food was very tasty, although some of the lamb was a little tough, all in all the meal was lovely, i would definitely buy from again which considering all the restaurants out there is high praise.
- Brian Hewitson

Decent curry
First order with Mumbai2Go and we were surprised. Most of the food was good and I will order there again to try out some other dishes.
- Daniel Schaefers

Hit the spot
Yummy food just what the doctor ordered!
- Katherine Luxton

Good food!
Thank you, Mumbai2Go for providing so many delicious meals to us. We've been ordering consistently for over a year now and the food has always been fresh and tasty. And we always order the same: Coriander rice, Dal Bukhara, Urlai Aloo. You know who we are, Mumbai2Go :-) And to everyone else, you won't be disappointed by this food order!There have been a couple of times where we've ordered from different takeaways and been so disappointed that we've promptly called you again and placed our usual order. Cheers for great food and delivery!
- Anuradha Srinivasan

Just great Indian food!
Never fails to dissapoint on any level - food outstanding! Highly recommend!
- marcelle murray

good taste as usual
- Yili Xia

reliable deliveries and food
our staple delivery choice in Ealing always reliable and tasty.
- Mohit Jain

Simply delicious food
Always good quality delicious fare and swift delivery. I haven'tfound better in West London.
- Sean Curtis-Ward

- Paul Baines

Always a treat!
I love the food here. It's a real treat. You can taste every ingredient's full flavour. I don't go anywhere else now. It's amazing Indian food.

Nice food, good packaging, the Tuk Tuk platter rocks, will definitely be ordering from them again!
- Colin Stennett

Good as always
Probably, consistently, the best Indian takeaway I have tried in West London.Interesting dishes. Not cheap but like most things you get what you pay for.
- Sean Curtis-Ward

Highly recommend
Got a 4 star rating from ealing food standards agency - ahead of most other take-aways; food great and service impeccable - love the online ordering system.
- Annie Trevaskis

Tasty, quick food
Nice fresh food. Quick service.
- Elizabeth Nash

Oh dear
I'll keep this simple because I've written my review once but it was not published.The rider could not find my house (all the others can), food arrived after an hour and a half, driver thrust the bag at me and had a rant.The food comes in small containers with a weird film lid that you need a knife to remove. Bhajis were not fresh, rice tasted like Uncle Ben's with a few token leaves and pods in it, curry was only memorable for the fact it had a lot of tomato quarters in it in place of meat. The mint sauce and chutney comes in a tiny little container but tastes ok.On the plus side, I got free popadoms, unfortunately they weren't fresh either.In summary: service offensive, food cooked without pride. If you don't believe me, place an order.
- Sam Riley

Altogether bad experience
Well, tonight was not my night curry wise.My meal arrived after a hungry hour and a half wait, I had to direct the moody delivery guy to my address. My bag was rudely thrust into my hand while the rider pointed at the receipt and mumbled something about the address. Maybe it was the system's fault but all the others seem to find it without problems.I opened my package and the first thing I noticed was the size of my mint sauce container, it was very small, about half the size of what I normally get, not bad tasting though.Then I noticed the containers. Smaller than the standard 'lidded' ones and sealed with a plastic film like the ready meal ones that you peel off, but you can't peel it off, you need a knife.I hoped the food would convince me to give Mumbai 2 Go another chance but it didn't. The onion baji had almost definitely not been fried to order, they were dry and possibly microwaved before they reached me. My rice was ok, a bit Uncle Ben's but not unpleasant.My curry was the same, not unpleasant but ce
- Sam Riley

Go get currie
The best in town for sure, amazing meats and flavours first class
- simon bentley

We supported Mumbai 2Go when they first opened and were wowed by the authentic, fresh and tasty food. My partner is Indian and knows a thing or two about the cuisine! After a break of about a year we went back and were disappointed. The starters were overcooked dry and far too salty. Starters quite often are a disappointment in any takeaway as most cultures don't actually have a tradition of this course, so street food is supplemented. However the main courses were equally over salted, the fish extremenly dry and the chicken marginally "overdone". The rice however was perfectly cooked and the service was fast and efficient. If they can drop some of the salt and treat the dishes to a little less heat we will be back as I don't think there is another takeaway offering the "true" Indian dishes that M2G list.
- Richard Dean

Awe! Some!
Mumbai2go is mine of my fave Indians
- Sue Watts

delicious food
i order food first time on is very nice.
- willims

Enjoyed all the food and the scallops were divine. Saag as always brilliant. Disappointed that there were only 2 papadams for 4 people. Lovely meal!
- Jan Mrk

Very good serving size
- Philip Adams

Great food fast.
All the food tasted great, portions large. 2nd time we've used them great.
- Tom Underwood

Dry starters :(
We had a few of the starters and found they were all a bit on the dry side and needed chutney - but the chutney portion had been majorly reduced. The items we found dry were the methi vada and the crab and shrimp cake. The calamari was tender, and the scallops w. mushrooms tasty.
- Jan Mrk

Much cheaper ordering online, good food
Food was good, took almost exactly 60 mins, but everything was there. Strangely, I phoned the shop and they seemed a bit confused about online ordering and muttered something about it not working, But saved 15% ordering online and got free popodoms and chutney. Would use again (via online)
- colin gorrie

Consistently Great Food
Food order was missing one item of sauce but these things happen and the restaurant were very quick to put things right and credit my account. The food from this restaurant is always consistently excellent.
- Karen Benny

Great food, very fast
Always good and surprisingly fast. Only slight disappointment was the Salmon Tikka was not very tasty and was rather dry. Prawns were brilliant as always!
- Jan Mrk

Great food!
I find the food really consistently good and the delivery time quicker than expected.
- Jan Mrk

Great food, speedy delivery
The prawns are to die for, the saag is also brilliant! Thank you :-)
- Jan Mrk

Excellent food
Food excellent as always but the second time I have had to ring back as part of the order was missing.
- Diane Whiting

Worst takeaway for a long time
This is by far the worst meal I have ever had from Mumbai2go - the chicken was dry and stale, the bhaji extraordinarily fatty and the although the lamb was tender, it too was well below your usual standard.
- Nicholas Reeves

Food arrived on time, and was warm and tasty.
- Jonas Voss

Pre packed food!!!!!.
How can this be fresh with pre-packed food.
- Gloria Imper

very impressed we were! This was even better than we'd hoped. excellent saag paneer: fresh spinach makes a real difference. thank-you Mumbai2Go, we'll be back
- carlo irek

Almost like home
This was my first order, and I'll order again. I really enjoyed the crab cakes, also had bagara baingan, murg tikka, and tarka dhal - all good. Would have like a little more green chili in the coriander rice. My house guest thought it was terrific!
- Sian Mexsom

Much better
This is the second time we have ordered from them and it was much better. The food was delivered 20 minutes earlier than stated and was of a good quality. We had a scallop dish, a chicken dish, mushroom rice and onion bhajis. The main courses were lovely and a fairly generous portion. The chicken pieces were large and of good quality. The rice was possibly the nicest rice I have had but the bhajis were very dry. The vacuum packed packaging is also not resealable.
- Nicola Thompson

Food was nice and tasty but very oily.Tight on sauces and portions could be improved.I flukely went through internet to see good take away restaurant. As i am now for the first time in ordering from internet, i deafeanately try few other restaurants. What matters most is portions and good quality. Chutneys given on these 4 meals i ordered., very mingy and tight. No salads and that didnt impress me at all. Would think again twice before placing another order next time. I beleive a restaurant in Northfield food is fine and large portion. You do need to look into your portions and chutneys where it matters most. abdul
- Abdul Paroo

Following morning
The food from Mumbai2go just gets better and better....selection of vegetables fresh and varied.
- Pamela Kay

Following morning
The food from Mumbai2go just gets better and better....selection of vegetables fresh and varied.
- Pamela Kay

Choose Mumbai to Go
lovely meal, amazing food. Easty to order on-line and delivered to the minute of expected delivery time. Unforuantley we didn't get the nan bread that we had paid for.
- Suzanne Cooper

Mr M Hudson
Amazing food!!!
- mark hudson

Stuart Ward
Lovely food but tool almost an hour to arrive
- Stuart Ward

Choose Mumbai to Go
Really tasty curry, good menu selection. Easy to order on-line, and delivered promptly aroud
- Suzanne Cooper

Choose Mumbai to Go
Really tasty curry, good menu selection. Easy to order on-line, and delivered promptly aroud
- Suzanne Cooper

Small Portions
Not enough sauce with the curries but tasted nice.
- Laura Costello

Small Portions
Not enough sauce with the curries but tasted nice.
- Laura Costello

not enough sauce with the curries
- Laura Costello

not enough sauce with the curries
- Laura Costello

Best Indian Takeaway Ever !
This is the fourth time I have ordered at Mumbai 2 Go. The food was presented in a branded bag which gave me a first impression. The food was hot and delicious. I have become a regular and I would say This is the best curry house on the planet !!!
- Rosen Gallagar

One of the best curries I've had in a long time!
Absolutely delicious and not your run-of-the-mill take away food. Loved it!
- Ian

Mouthwatering food.
first time when i ordered, i did not care...but aftr getting da food i realised dat it's not just an ordinary take away. food is relly mouthwatering..and very delicious...specially, da aunty caldin scallop is da best scallop dish i eva had.
- A A Kais

First oder placed last night. There seemed to be a little mix up over the collection time, I had put 9pm on the web form but received a call at 6.30pm asking when I wanted to collect. Other than that, a fabulous curry! I will defintely be back again.
- Lyn Howgate

Painfully slow service
Delivery time was given online as 8.58pm using Mumbai2Go. After calling twice and being told it was 'on the way' and 'will be there in 3 minutes' - our meal finally arrived over an hour late. Having paid online and upfront put us in a difficult position as regards cancelling the order and going elsewhere. From being told we couldn't collect it, as it had already left, it took 45 mins to get about a mile. Food was actually not bad, although not piping hot. Service should allow for no stars.
- Jodi

Huge disappointment
Order arrived late. mix and match starter of shrimp and crab cake was ok except there appeared to be a whole crab leg in one of them. The shami kebab was dry and tasteless. the onion bhaji wasn't too bad. we ordered a peshwari naan but got a plain one which suspiciously looked like it was shop bought. The lamb shank dish was pretty tasty everything else had a synthetic metallic taste to it. Vacuum packed rice??? fresh i think not
- Henrietta

Order once and you never again
Recently we ordered from this place, when the food finally arrived (LATE) we thought we where in for something great. The food came in wonderfully branded Mumbai 2 Go bags, and it looked like no expense had been spared. Then we opened the bags and i was presented with Vacuum packed Rice and Chicken Tikka Masala curry, now unless these guys are cooking food then putting them in vacuum packed containers before sending out, there food is very very very far from fresh. The food tasted synthetic and i have to honestly say its the worst Chicken Tikka Masala i have ever had, the Naan breads and Paratha looked and tasted like the stuff you can get in tescos, nothing about this meal seemed freshly made. I would avoid this place like the plague, we even took photos of the food and the packaging. If you want microwave dinners go to Tescos, its cheaper and tastes better
- John

2nd time 100 percent
as i am indian i think u cant find better indian then m2g
- manju

Poor Customer Experience
Two of the items we ordered were wrong so difficult to judge the food when all you wanted was to eat the food you actually ordered and paid for. Would think twice about ordering here again.
- Steve Lock

Friday Curry!
Ordered from Mumbai 2 Go for the first time on Friday. Very tasty food and will order again. My only area for improvement would be on the portion sizes. I normally go to a well established curry house on Northfield Av, where the food is amazing and the portion size are almost double to what you get a M2Go. Still good though!

super duper
wow! really good food and delivery was pretty fast too...keep it up guys
- Raj Bhatti

Touch of Art !!
unbelievable Lamb....Melts in mouth. The choice of starters is beautiful ! So far i have ordered three times, everytime is getting better and better and better.....
- John Archer

100 mark out of 100
the best forget the rest thanks 2 curries on line

The best Indian Takeaway I've had
Highly recommend this restaurant, certainly the best Indian takeaway I've ever had and beats a lot of sit-down restaurants too. Food delivered very quickly, was well presented and piping hot.
- Jennifer

Top Class Take Away......
very good food, fast delivery, great service. Liked their presentation- nice carrier bag, vacuum packed container and complementary papadam with chutney.....really made my evening. I will surely order again..
- Reaz Mahmud

Mumbai 2 Go is the best !!!
It was a great experience to try Mumbai 2 Go. The menu is very rich with a lot of variety. Food was very delicious. The delivery service was fast ! I would definitely recommend this take away !
- Reaz Mahmud

Prompt delivery and great food
Totally different experience from the previous reviewer, and pleased we ignored their advice! Food arrived within 25 minutes. A number of dishes that are different from the standard takeaway fare including lamb shank, cod and scallops were all excellent. Will definitely use again and would highly recommend.

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