Neelams Kebab House

125-126 Poplar Road, Birmingham, B66 4AP

125-126 Poplar Road,
B66 4AP.

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1 Reviews
1 Reviews
1 Reviews

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I will never eat from here again ordered food and it looked and tasted like the food had been there all day the kebab meat was rock hard and the sheesh kebab smelled like masala fish and tasted horrible had to throw in the bin
- marie oakes

Chicken tikka naan
Was tasty and quick deliver
- Tom Marshall

Food was vile.
Meat was stone cold (I only live a 5minute walk away) and the ‘fresh’ naan breads were horrible, one was rock hard and one was really chewy. I haven’t been to Neelams for like 5years but the food was always excellent so I was extremely disappointed that the food was soo terrible. I should also add that I’ve no idea what the marinade on the chicken with loads of chilli in is, but it’s not nice. Lamb tikka was delicious, would have been better if cooked properly and warm though.
- Adam Linekar

Very good food
The food was great but the driver asked me to pay in cash although I paid by card and he didn't bring me my free 1.5l bottle of Pepsi and the free salad which were meant to be included in the order
- Florin Sucala

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