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149 Drury Lane, Chadderton, OL9 8EU

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149 Drury Lane,
OL9 8EU.

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1 Reviews

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Kebab lover
The best kebab ever so delicious
- Eric Osahon

Ordered at 8pm. My husband went to collect the order at 8.30pm only to be told it hadn't come through at their end. As it was late and we were hungry, my husband requested a refund so we could get chippy only to be told they couldn't refund the order but would cook the food while he waited - as though they were doing us a favour. No offer of delivering it for us. He had to wait. The owner was full of excuses. In fact, he was making no sense in what he was saying, just rambling on about it not coming through at their end despite my husband showing him the email with the order time / number. He took the order again (my husband wrote it down) then, after my husband had waited over 30 minutes (by now it was 9.15pm), they tried to imply he had missed something off the list... He then had to wait even longer whilst they prepared that too. He asked for his list back and pointed out that it was accurate and not missed off as he had tried to suggest, just another blatant attempt at covering their incompetence. Food wa
- Adam Carter

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