Parkgate Indian Restaurant

21 Broad Street, Park Gate, Rawmarsh, S62 6DX

21 Broad Street,
Park Gate,
S62 6DX.

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1 Reviews
1 Reviews

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Great food
Great food
- Christopher Akid

This was very late. The tikka chicken was perfect but the chicken was terrible. The dishes wasn’t spicy.
- Anonymous

Nice food but cold
The food we ordered was nice but when it arrived it was cold and had to be reheated. The people at the restaurant were nice and did call to say the order may slightly late!
- Dean Ashton

Lovely food
Great as always. Best Indian in the Rotherham area that I've had.
- Richard Southall

Lovely food.
Enjoyed our first meal from here, will order again!
- Jo Taylor

Best yet
Order every weekend, but last one we had was the best by far. Tried chicken biryani, fantastic.
- Richard Southall

Great as always and bang on time
- Richard Southall

Tasted great as always. Feel confident trying different curries as I know they're all going to taste nice.
- Richard Southall

Great food
Lovely as always.
- Richard Southall

Tasted great as always.
- Richard Southall

Tried a different curry this complaints at all, it was very very tasty
- Richard Southall

Very tasty
Delivered bang on time, very nice food, will definitely be ordering again.
- Richard Southall

Lovely food, was not very hot, ad to microwave part of it. Madras was a bit disappointing to, wasn't hot, but had plenty of flavour.
- carol Prenton

Not spicy enough, was a little boring. Tasted okay but no kick to it.
- Richard Southall

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