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185B High Street, Hornchurch, RM11 3XS

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185B High Street,
RM11 3XS.

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Worst pizza ever
Was an hour late. Ordered thin crust . It wasn't. Both pizzas burnt to a crisp. Couldn't eat it. Got our money back.
- K Lomas

Order wrong and bad service
Staff are very rude and shout down the phone at you. Order was messed up and not cooked properly also food was missing from the order. NEVER ORDER FROM HERE!!!
- Charlotte Beckwith

Can't review food that NEVER arrived
Ordered food at 10.40 pm.....rang at 11.30 pm to ask where food was and was told be 10 mins........00.20 am......NO FOOD AND NOT AMSWRRING THE PHONE!!!!!!!!
- Amy Dobell

Wrong order again and again and again
phone repeated back, I called to tell them and the customer service was none existent, there are plenty of good kebab shops in the Hornchurch area I would suggest you use one of them and not best kebabs.
- G Sutton

Order wrong ..........again
After specifically asking for chicken shush and lamb donner meat in a kebab and asking for extra chilli sauce, repeating the order it still didn't arrive correct. No chilli sauce and chicken donner meat. After phoning to report the issue I was told that there was nothing that could be done and then had them hang up. Rude and incompetent staff, I wouldn't order a portion of chips from them.
- Spencer Whittlestone

Late and poor
Food was cold on arrival chicken had been over cooked
- Jack Conneely

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