Ladeside Road, Inverurie, AB51 3UT

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Ladeside Road,
Port Elphinstone,
AB51 3UT.

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2 Reviews
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Not great
Spaghetti carbonara was watery, bland and no taste. Chips were cold. Called shop and complained - chap very apologetic and said to ask for Mohamed next time to make the food.
- Yvonne Fidom

Although we only live 3 mins away, the food turned up 10 mins early. That wasn't a problem at all. The problem was that 2 pizzas, garlic bread and the chips were cold. Not even lukewarm, cold. The chicken pakora and the chicken in sauce was hot. I called them and got told "it's all made fresh". So I told them that even if it was made fresh it obviously been left to sit too long and is cold. Got passed on to his manager who offered me money off my next order. What use was that when my family was hungry now. So I told him that I wouldn't be coming back unless he replaced my order, to which he then spoke to his manager. We had the cold orders replaced nearly an hour later, but by this time the pakora and chicken in sauce was ruined. With so much competition, they should be trying to keep customers, not drive them away. Had it just been a bad order I would have went back and gave them another chance, but when it comes to bad food and bad service, I will not be going back.
- Fiona Manclark

Calzone packed
The calzone was packed with filling, the pizzas had plenty too, which was a nice change. And the creamy mushroom and chicken could have fed two. The only (small) downside was that the cream dish was a bit bland, but it was cooked well. Will definitely go back.
- Fiona Manclark

Yeah the food was good
- sean thomson

Nice and quick.
Nice food, quick service. I will order again.
- Javi Fernandez

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