Shimla Indian Takeaway

71 Delamere Road, Eggbuckland, PL6 5XF

71 Delamere Road,
PL6 5XF.

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Took too long
Waited over 2 hours for the food and unfortunately had to heat it up ourselves when it arrived. Tasted lovely though.
- Lyndsay Casey

Wrong information given
The food was great, but the info you gave me was completely wrong. I had a message from you saying my delivery was going to be delayed by 90 minutes, but it wasn’t. I was lucky to be home to receive the delivery.
- Phil Pressey

Great food thank you
Always great food from Shimla Thank you
- Jane Frajbis

Fast delivery, excellent food
Food arrived in 25 minutes perfectly cooked and delicious. Highly recommended.
- Karen Mackie

Delicious as Ever
Another fabulously tasty meal full of succulent meat and fresh herbs and spices. Coming from Birmingham we're used to good tasting Indian food but this is the only takeaway we've found local to our new home in the Southwest that consistently serves great food.
- Rachel Boon

Very tasty food
Fantastic Indian dansak is amazing. The chicken is so succulent and melts in the mouth, would highly recommend this takeaway
- Tracey Veitch

Great food BUT a long wait for it.
I ordered really late for me (20:40) and was sent an email confirming the order and say it was on its way, but within a few minutes my partner was emailed ( which is weird in itself as i made the order on my email) saying it was delayed by 45 mins. Arriving between 22:10 and 22:25. Which is more than an hour and a half waiting for food to turn up. I know it was a Saturday but really 1.5 hours. But when the order turned up, the delivery guy was friendly and the food was steaming hot, very well cooked and very tasty. Well worth the wait in the end and I will use Shimla again.
- Johnny Heys

Brilliant Food
Quick delivery and always lovely
- Rhian Jones

Love the food
Great tasting food
- Claire Dore

Super hot and fresh food.
Excellent food, fresh and delicious. A real treat. The delivery driver was polite, greeted us with a smile and said I hope you enjoy your meal. Will definitely order from Shimla again.

Wow! First time ordered but won't be my last, the food was amazing!!
- Evelynn McIver

A pretty good one Shimla
Delivery did take an hour and a half but this was actually under the time they quoted so fair enough. Chips were perfectly crispy and the keema rice was very good. The curry was tasty as well, lamb was really tender, however the rice and curry had too much coriander (I like coriander but it was all I could taste) They chucked in some poppadoms even though it was a smallish order which made up for the time taken. My only real gripe was with the keema nan. Normally these are nice and tender and tasty from you, but this one was like eating cardboard covered in paprika. I couldn't eat it All in all though it was a really nice treat as usual, particularly with the kukd discount. Thanks guys

Delivery was far too long nearly 2 hrs
Had to wait nearly 2 hrs for delivery only live down the road but the food was great
- Claire Dore

Food arrived quickly, was very tasty, chicken cooked well and good portion sizes!
- Lauren Hall

Set meal for 2
Everything was really tasty, apart from the sag aloo which was disappointing this time around, the potato was a bit to hard and overall bland in flavour. Other than that everything was delicious.
- Kev Thomas

Was impressed with service received!
- Gemma Smith

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