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48 Crwys Road, CF24 4NN

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48 Crwys Road,
CF24 4NN.

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Great Chinese Food
love beef frank´╝îquite tasty
- Han Qian

My partner and I come here all the time. If you want the best experience at So Good, I would highly recommend asking Vivienne (the manager/owner) to help you choose what to order off the menu. I would also recommend not ordering the typical British-Chinese cuisine off the back of the menu, as the authentic meals are far more tasty! Whenever we go, we like to try new things and she always gives us delicious options that we wouldn't usually pick. Vivienne is so friendly and sweet and we always feel at home when we come here. Thank you for your hospitality!Our faves off the menu are: Steamed dumplings (10pcs), General Tso's chicken, Sweet sticky pork belly, Garlic ribs, spicy beef soup (goes great with some boiled rice and shared), Fried pork (or lamb, cant remember), beef noodle stir fry. There are lots more but those are the ones that really stand out for us. Their Chinese tea is also great to have with the meal.
- Anonymous

Great food and excellent staff
Nothing to complain about; the Kung Po tasted just like it did when I ate it in Beijing. It was spicier than anticipated, but I definitely didn't mind
- Joakim Johansson

Not edible
There wasn't a single piece of meat in my 1/4 duck. What was there was overcooked so much it couldn't be chewed. Couldn't eat any of it.
- Paige Busby

Late but average
Contrary to the other reviewer, the food arrived 40 minutes late. It was tasty, but nothing too special. Large quantity of vegetable noodles. Very crispy crispy duck.
- Grace Jackson

Prompt but average
Food arrived more quickly than the estimate, which was great. It was ok but nothing special.
- Chris duffelen

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