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Malden Manor Station, Manor Drive North, New Malden, KT3 5PN

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Malden Manor Station, Manor Drive North,
New Malden,
KT3 5PN.

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Arrived in time and as usual lovely food. Highly recommend
- Jo West

shame you sent a chicken bhoona instead of a lamb one , otherwise avery good curry
- malcolm Bradshaw

Very Bad Service
I ordered mixed pickle but recieved a mixed starter.I ordered onion bhajis with a set meal but did not turn up.I phoned the shop and they told me to check the bag when they were clearly not there.They eventually realised they had forgot them and appologized and said they would replace them on the next order.The 30 minutes after we had finished the meal the door bell rang with the bhajis!Very poor and not the first time this has happened.
- Stephen Quilty

not up to scratch at all - read to decide...
The order was delivered easily on time as promised and the portions were generous - you got 2 samosas and 4 onion bhajis of reasonable size. However, the food was poor. The chicken was fine but the sauce tasted worse than cheap canned/jarred cook in sauce you can buy in the supermarket. There was no sense that anyone had been anywhere near garlic or cream and as for the promised almonds - well my search party is still out looking. I rarely review but this was so awful I just had ot say something. perhaps it is because I ordered a popular dish that I got the 'mass' produced effect (chicken tikka massala) but really it was worse than the worse ready meal curry I've ever had - makes Tescos et al look like gourmet. Beyond disappointing - sorry.
- Julie Thrasher

fantastic food!
high quality food, friendly service and food for two!!! great!
- Krissi Geier

Wheres the fresh food?
Tried this place for the first time and sadly wouldnt order again.We ordered a mainly vegetarian meal and apart from the onions and spices none of the vegetables were fresh.The okra was the type from a frozen packet, the spinach was the type from a tin and shockingly the 'baby potatoes' were Tinned!!! Tinned potatoes are just awful - I dont think I have had one since a child - and not being able to cook up fresh potatoes is pretty unforgiveable.A shame really as the sauces were nice and the rices were cooked beautifully so there is some talent in the kitchen - bit tinned and frozen vegetables - not for me.
- Katie

Very good food
Well prepared food and delicious.
- Joseph Bautista

Pefect curry once again from spice express!
- William Richards

Very good all round
- Stephen Quilty

Good food and service.They forgot part of my order but before I realised they had sent a second driver with the remainder.Well done!
- Stephen Quilty

Good as usual
Good food,good service
- Stephen Quilty

Spice express
Good as always
- Stephen Quilty

very nice
order was delivered on time, hot and exactly how we wanted it from a spicy point of view on taste
- Duncan Wilkes

Stephen Quilty
Always good service and great quality.
- Stephen Quilty

- Rajesh Dudeja


- Rajesh Dudeja

everything great
- brill

very easy to order
I found the online ordering very easy to use and most of all convenient. Placed the order while I was at work and had it delivered for a time when I would get home, their not normally open in the afternoon so this was a big welcome
- Clare Waters

cannot fault them
The guys at Spice Express are very friendly and when they deliver the food the driver is always polite, apologising if slightly delayed and then of course the food has never disappointed
- Peter Taylor

great food and delivery
loved the online ordering facility, really convenient and food was good too
- shannon

overall quite good
slightly delayed delivery but was worth it when it did arrive...merry xmas

Pukka food
delivered quick and tasted lovely
- Jase

Order placed with no difficulty and delivered promptly

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