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Food was ready on time
Tasty chicken dhansak
- Ben Thornley

Great food.
Order was great quality and not greasy. Delivered well within the stated time. 5/5
- Adam Lancaster

Good value and tasty
Good food, came quickly, and was definitely good value. The vegetable paratha was great
- Meg Beamish

Great value and always plentiful
My favourites always- mutter paneer and chicken chaat! Only let down this time was poppadoms tasted really not good- may be old oil or something
- Chloe Clarke

Thanks, tasty
- Emily Hazell

Really quick delivery and great food!
Food came within 30 mins of ordering and we were really pleased with the quality of it, very tasty. Good value too, especially with the 15% off for ordering online!
- Emma Smallwood

Not happy
Not very impressive
- mohammed rahman

Chicken was tough. Placed notes on order for diet coke and recieved full fat milk
- Paul Lansdell

Lavishly portion and taste really good,will come back for more,thanks
- mohammed rahman

Not a good experience
Order arrived literally 15 mins after placing. Food was popping hot and can only imagine it was out of a microwave. Sauce was watery and not thick and creamy. Won’t be using this place again. It had really good reviews but not for us.
- Mike Garcia

Very tasty!
Will be ordering again soon!
- Philippa Jones

Food arrived quickly, and was red hot and beautifully cooked
- Paul Lansdell

Excellent all round
Second time ordering from Spice Express. Just as good as the first time in every respect. The food is tasty but not too oily, it arrived quickly, and the discount for ordering directly is a nice touch!
- Luke Rudge

Best Curry house in Bristol
Excellent delivery service .. cannot fault the food whatever we chose is perfect , highly recommend this is the most tastiest Indian takeaway!!!
- Carole Bryant

Won't Go Anywhere Else
I've been ordering from Spice Express regularly for about 3+ years and they are always quick to deliver and the food is always perfect, great portions with no mix ups or omissions.
- Holly Searle

Gone downhill - inedible food
This used to be my go-to curry takeaway for years, but after a poor experience a month or so ago I decided to give it another chance - big mistake! Ordered chicken tikka mosalla which was inedible... chicken smelt gone off and sauce was watery and totally tasteless. Rice was stone cold too. Tried ringing the takeaway to complain but they never answered. Not sure what's changed in the last few months but we definitely won't be ordering from here again. Waste of money and gone hungry tonight, but at least we avoided getting ill throwing away the mouldy chicken!
- Fiona Baker

great tasty food
- Emily Hazell

Wrong order
All was ok except we ordered chicken and got beef!!!
- Matt Bayley

Disappointed this time round!
I always use Spice Express as my preferred Indian take out, however on this occasion was disappointed! The mixed balti was ok but the mixed Jalfezi was like watered down curry sauce with very little meat and few vegetables!
- James Bath

Rotten Chicken
The chicken tikka masala contained rotten chicken, the rest of the food was okay but not the best.
- Alice Smethurst

Best Indian by far
Excellent delivery service, every dish full of flavour and tasty as always. Always order from here and have recommended to others too !
- Carole Bryant

Very tasty and timely, as always
Had Veg Dansak, chana sag, some other curry and a rice and naan. All were delicious. Thanks!
- Emily Hazell

Great Service. Admittedly they forgot an item off of my order, when I called them about it they were quick and helpful, not but 10 minutes later they showed up at the door with the missing dish and some freebies to boot.
- Chris Connellan

Lovely thanks!
An easy meal on a night when I'm feeling lazy - I ordered enough for lunch for all 4 of us the next day - tastes even better!
- Claire Ramsden

Lovely thanks!
An easy meal on a night when I'm feeling lazy - I ordered enough for lunch for all 4 of us the next day - tastes even better!
- Claire Ramsden

Great food, thanks
- Emily Hazell

Very good thanks!
- Emily Hazell

tasty foid, v quick delivery
Our food arrived a good 20 minutes before it was supposed to and out was really good. Can't recommend these guys enough.
- Adele Potten Price

Always perfect
Every time we order the food is always perfect & delivery always as stated. Our favourite indulgence.
- Mandy Johns

Great food as usual
Order was delivered well within the estimated time but unfortunately we didn't get everything we ordered. The mistake was quickly rectified and the food was delicious.
- Lorraine Mallinson

Food was delicious as always & arrived within time span. Are never disappointed when we order from here
- Mandy Johns

Great as always
Very speedy service and tasty food. My go-to place for curry!
- Fiona Baker

Arrived very late
We were still waiting 20 mins after the estimated delivery so rang customer services. Told it had already left the shop but waited another 25 minutes for the food to arrive, although it's a 10 minute drive!!
- Lorraine Mallinson

Always tastes great, Punctual and Good price
Food was tasty as always! delivered on time although the driver got a bit lost along the way but no issues. Would always recommend as quality is consistent.
- Jessica Staff

Delicious as always
Dansak - great flavour Tasty chickpee saag Great Biryani inc great sauce Great Naan, poppadomsThanks
- Emily Hazell

not happy with delivery time
I pre orderd my food and chose delivery time slot. Food arrived 1hour and 15 minuts before it supposed to .My boyfriend was home to open the door but I was still at work! Disappointed . What is the point choosing delivery time slot. And the onion bhaji was burnt and rock hard.
- Anna Kowalska

It's food and it's fast
Came quickly, food was average but tasted good. Price isn't bad when you factor in 20%. Without that it would be a bit too pricy imo.Didn't like that I was immediately nagged to provide feedback. I'm happy to do it but if you're going to demand it at my door, it would be nice if you chucked in a little something extra as a thank you.
- Peter Roberts

Tasty as always, good service
This time we had Veg biriyani, Veg Dansak, Saag with chickpeas, naan, chutney, popadoms.I will say that the Dansak did not have its characteristic flavor but was tasty none the less. Biriyani was super tasty, but the curry that comes w the veg biriyani was fine, but also seems like a bit of an after thought.Saag was excellent, as was the naan.This is total nitpicking and the food was on time/maybe even early, tasty, hot and good value for money.
- Emily Hazell

Very fast delivery - especially and it was a bank holiday
As stated, fast delivery - food was lovely. Will definitely order again from here
- Michelle Copeland

Delicious dishes delivered ahead of the estimated time of arrival.
- Georgina Borrows

Great food, delivered in excellent time, piping hot and delicious!
- Georgina Borrows

Super Tasty as always
I always get the same because its always good Veg Dansak - don't get it if you don't like too much spice though! Veg Saag Rice Mushroom Naan PoppadomsThanks as always :)
- Emily Hazell

Usually good but every dish is getting hotter
We've used Spice Express for years now as we thought the food was really good; however, more recently, some of the dishes seem to be getting so hot we can't even eat them. We ordered a chicken and a lamb badhonya last night which we've had before and was a really nice mild/medium-spiced dish. It is described as "yogurt based" but it was so hot we couldn't eat it, even with yoghurt added in.The same happened a while back when we loved the rezzala. It was such a nice medium dish (not hot) and then when we ordered it again, it was so hot I couldn't eat it at all. We thought they had mistakenly put in too much heat so we ordered it again and it was the same. They obviously like to make dishes hotter and hotter but it is completely ruining the food.We are going to order from somewhere else next time.
- Liz Mugan

Good service
Good value for money, the food was excellent
- Ioana Stoian

Best I've had
Great food probably best I've had. Food arrived half hour before expected- bonus & we got 20% off bargain definitely recommend
- Mandy Johns

Good food
Good food and fast delivery
- Ioana Stoian

Not as good as last time
We ordered a Korma and a Madrass. Last time we ordered here, the food was excellent value for money. This time, it wasn't so good. The Korma tasted plastic and the madrass was very watery. The quality was poor and I wouldn't be surprised if the food contained high levels of MSG. Given the price we can't complain too much, but when you're spending £18 on a takeaway you expect a higher quality of food than what we received.
- Kasey Ledger

Great food
Great food and fast delivery
- Wes Price

Quick and easy service.
Great value for money. Food arrived quickly and was very hot and fresh.Would recommend
- Jessica Staff

Great tasting food and good value
Delicious dansak and passanda, generous with the meat. Delivered sooner than predicted.
- Chris Smith-Clarke

Delicious food and speedy delivery
Food arrived 20 mins before expected delivery time . It was fresh , very tasty and good vegetarian selection. Would definately recommend
- Wendy Collison

All Good.
Delivery time, food, and service were all very good again!
- Steven Willis

Always great
Always fast delivery great foodWe have never had a bad meal in over 2 years
- Marc Banting

Much Better This Time
Delivery time was fast. Food was hot & cooked to my liking; moist and flavoursome. This restaurant has redeemed itself.
- Steven Willis

Great every time
Always grab takeaway from this place, great food and fast delivery everytime.
- Tom Key

Tasty food for a good price
Tasty flavoured food for a great price and some free poppadoms!
- Emily Hazell

This time - Low Average
Delivery time was as promised, but the food was on the cool side. The lamb was tough and the 1 x egg fried rice I ordered was not delivered; as to the rest of the food I rate it a general OK. Previous experience was much better, so I shall probably give this restaurant another go in the hope that it redeems itself!
- Steven Willis

I ordered 2 different curries, 1 was tasty and 1 was watery. The food was also slightly cold when it arrived. Overall it was okay
- Emily Merchant

Tasty curry that arrived quickly, for a reasonable price
Good tasting curry, not too greasy. Arrived very quickly and nice price!If I was going to nitpick a bit more spinach in the vegetable saag but that is nitpicking.Thanks!
- Emily Hazell

Good All Round !
Food turned up when expected; it arrived good and hot and was delicious.
- Steven Willis

Excellent all round!!
The food was fantastic and it arrived really really quickly!
- Ben Stevens

Fast Service
Really fast service and the food was lovely.
- Sinead Tatam

Fantastic as always
Never had a bad meal, this is the only Indian we order from.
- Ian Peters

Great Food
We had great food as usually, Loved Chicken madrasCannot wait to try different meal
- Kristina Novackova

Some kitchen equipment needs cleaning.
The food was good, but there was a blip - all the chips were covered in black flakes of varying size as though they had flaked of a dirty fryer, grill, or hotplate. This caused annoyance and reduced the enjoyment.
- Steven Willis

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