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435 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6BL

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435 Welford Road,
LE2 6BL.

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We've ordered from here for a while now and never disappointed good is always hot, very tasty and always arrives before the esitimated delivery time
- Claire Timson

Good tasty food
Ready for collection on time. Good food
- Giles Baum

I'm never going to Spice Land again. I ordered a vegetable madras and what I got was an amorphous sludge with no individual vegetable recognisable. Clearly just 'biryani sauce'. And it didn't even taste very good. I have really enjoyed their food in the past, but this was cynical exploitation. They don't deserve my patronage.
- Alison Cork

Excellent Food
I have now ordered 4 times and as always the food is very good. There appears to be a problem delivering to my address so I am going to ask them to phone me as they arrive at the flat so I can pick it up from there.
- Ashok Dattani

Quick delivery. Hot food. Highly recommend
- Ashok Dattani

Deja Vu (all over again)
The quality continues to be splendid. I went totally vegetarian for a change yesterday, and it was first rate.My only problem with Spiceland is that when you think you are emailing them, you are in fact emailing Kukd, so Spiceland never get to see the message, because Kukd don't pass it on.
- Alison Cork

The best
In addition to the usual favourites tried a King Prawn puri. The best I have ever eaten. The puri was perfect, beautifully light, and the King Prawns were succulent in a delicious sauce.
- Alison Cork

Great (again)
The delightful thing this time was the Madras. All too often this is a slightly hot curry or a milder vindaloo, But this Madras was the real thing, seriously hot in its own right. (After all vindaloo - originally from Goa - is supposed to taste different because of the vinegar. They do great vindaloo by the way.)One very happy customer here.
- Alison Cork

These people really know how to do food. Always a pleasure.
- Alison Cork

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