Sweet Delights

180, Halesowen Road, Old Hill, B64 6HU

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Halesowen Road,
Old Hill,
B64 6HU.

1 Reviews
1 Reviews
1 Reviews

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Very friendly staff
Very happy with the experience i recieved. Made an online order for the first time for some cheesecake's. The staff contacted me to say that they did not have the cheesecake that was ordered however they could alternate it for us which turned out to be just as good. Thank you for the service.
- Leah Hill

I was told it would be done and ready to be collected by 8.56pm and still at 9.25pm I was still waiting for my order!!
- Amy Young

Good food, rubbish delivery time
Placed a order, the food was nice. Delivery took over 1 and a half hours. Had to ring the shop to get a update, couldn't get through for 10 mins. Won't be buying from them again!!!
- Jade Simcox

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