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217 Holloway Road, Holloway, N7 8DL

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217 Holloway Road,
N7 8DL.

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Great food and service, but...
Thank you for the great food and service. Unfortunately I live outside your delivery zone, and I also proudly support African (Black) businesses, so I went to some great lengths to order and get the food. To my surprise one order (Red Red) wasn't included, just the fried ripe plaintain was. It was a bit disappointing to discover this, as it was paid for. I want to be able to trust that what I ordered is what I will get. So my advice, please double check each order before giving it to customers, to retain repeat business. I hope you will soon be able to scale to the city at least for delivery. We need more black businesses, so I will still support you as long as you learn from your mistakes. The food is great!
- Linda Nuamah

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