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5 Mill Street,
NP7 5HE.

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Great as usual.
Can’t fault the place. Top notch.
- Tim Butters

Really nice
- Bonnie Jones

Excellent service, food and system
- Debbie Darnborough

Late and cold
I order my food before 9, and it didn't arrive until 10.15. When I rang to enquire, I was told my payment had declined and I wouldn't receive my order... When I challenged them that the payment had gone through, I was told it was 2 minutes away. I didn't receive it for another 20 minutes. The delivery guy was lovely and polite, but the service over the phone was terrible, and left me very confused. The food was nice, but luke warm, and I had to reheat it in my microwave. My naan bread was stone cold, and so were my bajees. I won't be ordering again
- Mari-Anne Gibson

Wrong order (again)
For the third time in a row, there were incorrect/missing items. The restaurant have corrected this every time, but by the time that’s happened the meal is over!
- Vincent Hamlyn

Great meal
Arrived quickly, lovely food, and a poppadom on top!
- Beth Allen

Happy Customers
Our food was delivered within the time slot and arrived hot so no re-heating necessary. We are curry lovers but decided to try somehting new. We can highly recommend the Lamb Sashlick, it was a hearty meal and very flavoursome. Will definitley be ordereing online again soon.
- Kevin Hughes

Tamarind Takeaway
As usual superb food and service! Best Indian in Abergavenny
- Michael Rogers

Very Quick Delivery
Food came very quickly and was delicious.
- Karl Stuckey

Overall very good
Our mixed kebab starter was very dry; from the onion bajis to both the lamb and chicken tikka.The curries and rice were very good though.
- James Edwards

Lovely food.
Yet again a delicious meal delivered on time piping hot.
- Elizabeth Smith

Excellent service and food
Placed the order online for collection and cash payment for 8pm. Order was ready on time and service was very friendly. Food was excellent with free salad and poppadoms etc
- dave Fraser

Absolute Joke
Placed an order and paid by card at 6.30, by 8.30 still no order, rang restaurant and spoke to a man who said they hadn’t received our order. I told them our order number and that we had paid by card but he refused to fulfill our order or give us a refund. He was very rude and his customer service was nonexistent!! We want our money back!! Never Ever ordering from here again!! Definitely NOT recommending!!!
- PJ Godsell

Lovely food
Delivered on time, lovely food. Only downside is £5 delivery to gilwern it's the most expensive in town. Good quality food and worth it xx
- Elizabeth Smith

Missing Item
Ordered on a Sunday evening, food came within allotted time but I was missing the rice dish to my order and the food was a little cold. Otherwise was ok.
- PJ Godsell

Customer Service was awful.
We ordered food which took just under 3 hours to arrive. We repeatedly called and they assured us it was coming very soon. We finally got our food at just before 10pm. When we ordered at 6:51pm. Once the order arrived it was missing a main dish and rice. The person at the restaurant assured us we would get a refund. I contacted kukd.com and they said that the manager refused to authorize the refund. I called up and he agreed to authorize. He again refused to. After more than 20 emails to and fro and 5 different phone conversations the manager went back on his promise of a refund and kukd.com had to refund me £20 (as a gesture) of a £50 + order as the manager refused to. It was a ridiculous situation to be in , and this restaurant did not deliver food that was order and refused to refund us any money even after they didn't delver everything ordered and the food took around 3 hours to come. The food was not worth the wait. I will never order from this restaurant ever again, they ripped me off. It was a horribl
- Sebastian Bustamante-Brauning

Lovely food
Food was very nice and was still hot on arrival. A very pleasant meal.
- Sophie Weed

Nice and hot
Arrived on time, nice and hot. Thanks
- Beth Allen

Prompt and tasty! What more could you want?
- Dawn West

Tamarind, Great!
Good food. Delivered on time
- Scott Wilson

Lovely food.
Had chicken chillie mossalla perfect amount of heat. Bargies were also delicious. Delivery bit expencive compared to others in Abergavenny. Delivered on time will use again xx
- Elizabeth Smith

Beautiful take away! First time and was disappointed!
- Karen Jones

Not the same!
My wife and I order the same meal each week from this restaurant. Usually it is very good but this time it was not the same. Insipid, boring and lacking in content and flavour. Hopefully this is a one off otherwise we shall be going elsewhere.
- Jeff Lewis

Fast delivery
Could be better the food.

Quite tasteless shaslick and mushroom bajee
I have to admit that normally I love shaslick and mushroom bajee. The shashlick included onions under grilled, yet the peppers were quite nicely grilled. The grilled chicken was prepared in pieces that were too big, which did not allow the flavour to be consistent throughout the meat. The bajee was watery and tasteless. Some thought should go into preparing a sauce and spices used in this dish.
- Anthony Poynton

Great food !
Great food, great service to our front door.
- Matthew Thornton

Just superb
Our second order and a large on too all excellent
- Peter Shores

takeaway menu
Excellent choice and value for money
- jackie wetten

Always late, but tasty
See above? The food is always tasty and the portions are generous. However, the food always arrives after the delivery window (or the window is changed). This time, we found 4 hairs in the starters/poppadoms. It was the first time we genuinely considered not ordering from here again.
- Alistaire Everett

God was hot tasty and delivered on time. Our first online order and won't be the last - perfect!
- Peter Shores

A very efficient service
This is an easy and efficient way to get a takeaway. No hassle less waiting around.
- Rachel Champken

Excellent hot food
Tasty, hot and good quality food.
- Argo Bowsher

Excellent food but not ready when stated
Food was excellent but not ready within the time schedule
- Matthew Binmore

Takeaway collected
Tasty, ready on time.
- Mark Harrison

Slightly disappointing
Ordered boiled rice again, but for some reason every time I order online, fried rice is served instead which annoys me. Pathia wasn't the usual standard and wasn't hot as specified in comments. Second time I've been left disappointed by The Tamarind by simple things.
- Cara Bailey

Takeaway delivered
Very tasty meal. Well flavoured. Will be ordering again.
- Ruth Lancaster

Lovely food
Lovely food, still hot, the spices not over done. Arrived quickly too!
- Beth Allen

very good
Excellent food and very fast service.
- cara Symonds

very average
Two non descript dishes which looked/tasted the same.
- Alan Thomas

Usual fantastic service
Food is of the normal superb quality and delivery was on time as usual.
- Michael Rogers

Food arrived on time, hot and again delicious. Best Indian takeaway in Abergavenny
- Ros Emms

Beautifully prepared and most tasty
Really authentic and spicy food, cooked to perfection. Delivery was prompt. Excellent service all around
- Andrew Adams

Tasty food
tasty , fresh food. Really enjoyed it.
- kate Haskell

Two main dishes which were exacly the same
Previously had some good take-away food from Tamarind. Ordered a chicken mushroom balti - and a chicken dupiaza. It wasn't possible to distinguish the dishes apart. Both tasted bland. Not a great meal.
- Alan Thomas

Good Food
Thoroughly enjoyed our take away, the meal was superb!
- Amanda Jones

Saturday night in.
Range of chicken, fish and vegetarian starters and mains all of which were good.
- Alan Thomas

Spoiled by not reading message
I had asked for no peppers in my jalfrezi, however there was 3 big pieces of pepper which formed the bulk of the curry. Very disappointing.
- Paul Dale

great food
A;ways good food and always delivered on time.......well done
- Stevie Wallbank

The food was really good ,And was delivered on the specified time ...top marks
- Dean Bennett

Fast and fantastic
Delivery was super quick, the food was amazing and to receive 20%bonus as well has made the tamarind the best in abergavenny
- matthew follett

Delicious indian food
Had a lovely takeaway from the Tamarind, Abergavenny. Online ordering service worked well and food was ready when I went in to collect.
- Sally Griffiths

Super fast service
Food came very quickly and a bonus to have 20% off the online order. Thanks!
- Sharon Phillips

Excellent food but lost order
Food excellent but the order somehow got lost and eventually received it after waiting 20 minutes
- Carol Powell

Fast delivery and tasty food
Fab service and delicious food
- Joanne Cornfield

good service
Like the fact the food is delivered in the plastic food containers. This time the meat was very chewy in the biriani but previous ones have been good. Pleasant and prompt deliveries every time.
- Stevie Wallbank

Extremely professional
The balti is exceptional.wonderful flavours and well presented with lots of fresh chicken breast. I am a very good cook and i only eat the best food, I keep coming back to these guys though so that says it all.
- steve stone

Can't fault it
Nice food, good value and ready on time! Result!
- Dawn West

Top Class
I ordered a takeaway which arrived on time. The quality of the food was excellent. Superb flavour and quantity. The only problem was the wrong popadoms were sent, a quick call and the correct ones arrived.
- Denis Morris

Excellent food as always
Great, quick delivery- food came quicker than advised.
- Sharon Phillips

Good food
The food was very very tasty. No mistake in that. But........ I ordered on line for 7:15-7:30 food turned up at 6:20.
- Donna Guppy

Great food
As usual, food from the Tamarind was very good. That's why I keep ordering from there. We just got back from an overnight trans-Atlantic flight, and being too tired to cook, our first choice for food was the Tamarind. There was a slight problem with a missing rice from the order, but a quick phone call resolved that. Free with the next order. I've recommended them to friends and family too. If only I was on commission!
- Terence Mountjoy-Evans

Fantastic Service
Third meal from from Tamarind now ordered via KUKD and again I am not disappointed. Simply Superb!
- Michael Rogers

Always very good and importantly on time
- Alan Conway

Really nice food, fast delivery. Excellent
- Katy Board

Great food
First time using the tamarind, and the food was superb.
- jeffrey haines

Fantastic food and so easy to order delivery
This was the first time I've ordered a takeaway delivery online and I have to confess I wasn't sure if I could trust it. But the whole thing was so easy and the food was delivered when they said it would be. Too much for us so we'll be finishing it tonight. Delicious! I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to other Indian food lovers. Top class.
- Catrin Cribb

Lovely food
Very tasty, big portions and nice to receive extra pompoms and dips. Food came quicker than estimated.
- Sharon Phillips

Lovely food
The curry had no greasy top layer of oil like most takeaways do. It was really tasty and was still hot in temperature by the time we got it home. Would recommend to eat here
- Gayle Thomas

Everytime i have ordered its always been delivered on time and absolutely delicious.
- Dean Bennett

Great food
Great food from The Tamarind, as usual. I really must visit for a sit-down meal. The only down side was, (and this isn't a criticism of the restaurant) when I ordered my meal online I definitely selected a collection time of 1945 to 2000, but when the order was confirmed it gave a collection time of 1800. All very well, but I was in work until 1945hrs. Double check the actual collection time irrespective of your intended time.
- Terence Mountjoy-Evans

Great food.
Great food, we all really enjoy our choices. It is definitely our favourite curry place :) Excellent service, especially as after ordering we had to ring to put back the time as we were stuck in a traffic jam.
- Claire Brooks

Lovely food!
- Nicola Embrey-Jones

Excellent as usual
Simply put the food and service is the best I have come across..
- Michael Rogers

Real curry!
Awesome Curry. Awesome service. Ordered online and food was waiting for collection as I arrived at the restaurant.
- Nicholas Williams

Real curry!
Awesome Curry. Awesome service. Ordered online and food was waiting for collection as I arrived at the restaurant.
- Nicholas Williams

Hour and a half wait for cold food!
We ordered at 7.20 and it arrived at 9pm. Husbands food was perfect. Mine cold but delicious.
- Sophie Colwell

Fab food
We eat regularly from the Tamerind and we can't fault the food, it's always delicious, when it arrives it's still hot and the service is great too.
- Katherin Jones

Lovely Indian
So handy that you get to order online and everything is smooth running. Less handy that we are outside delivery area, but nevertheless not had a bad curry and what we have had is less greasy than other Indian restaurants in the town.
- Cara Bailey

Bland beyond bland
I was hoping that the makeover of the restaurant also applied to the food but unfortunately not. Everything was carelessly prepared and above all bland. I stopped going there a few years ago because of that... not a patch on the Indians in newport and Cardiff. For some reason, abergavenny has Never had a good Indian,and I'm going back to the late 1970's now. If we want a good one we make the effort to get to newport or Cardiff. Very disappointed.
- Paul Turner

Korrai Chicken was amazing!
Ordered takeaway from here last night and it was incredible. Would definitely recommend the Korrai chicken.
- Rhys Lloyd

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