Teddylicious Old Hill

180 Halesowen Road, Old Hill, B64 6HU

180 Halesowen Road,
Old Hill,
B64 6HU.

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Nice food
Tasty as always
- Riadh Choudhury

Disgusting service
Made a big order for £30 been waiting 1 hour and 30 minutes for order,so rang to ask where order was to be told it would be another 20 minutes so asked to speak to a manager and they put the phone down on us.... Absolutely disgusting service will never use again
- Elizabeth McDonough

Terrible service.
After ordering online I was told to collect 30 minutes after I get there around the estimated time to be stood in the shop for a further 20 minutes the staff didn’t seem in no hurry was having a great time among them selfs. Very unprofessional very unlikely to use this again.
- Craig Taylor

Terrible service
I have ordered a deserts and the food got here 2 and a half hours late. when we rang they said our delivery was next and should be here soon. an hour later we rang again and the man said that it was delayed due to lack of drivers. when the delivery finally got hear at half past 00:30 it was very terrible and it's too late to be eating stuff like that. I'll definitely be asking about a partial refund.
- Sam Smith

terrible service
- Anonymous

just been there to get two milkshakes , some cake and ice,cream..yes i know large order ,my daughter is 9 months pregnant and had a carving so off we drive..The lady told me my card payment had not gone through and that i had to do it again because she had only out down half of the order,,i asked her for the receipt ..she then said they dont have any! to say i could not believe it! i said i need proof that i had only paid this amount ,she could not give me any ..it was not very good service at all ! so i had to leave the cake which i had gone there for ! ..i mean really? terrible service indeed !!!
- gina harris

Awesome desserts and milkshakes! Just what a Sunday night called for!
- Jo Rogers

Kindeed Buenos milk shake - Delicious. There should be more if these ahops
- Tom Wiley

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